Born Sep. 12 1980

(Hour of Moon)


In this interpretation, we will follow the following plan:    introduction

                                                          general points

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      Major aspects

       planets in houses

 The house system used is Placidus



 Character oriented astrology

In this chart interpretation, you will notice the terms ‘character’ and ‘soul forces’. Characters are subpersonalities, that is, various facets of the psyche. In a person, there may be several characters and soul forces which are not yet consciously recognized, but have potential and may only surface with time – or perhaps remain buried in the depths of the psyche.

 This approach sees the astrological chart as a map of a person’s characters. You should not be surprised if some of the characters described in the interpretation are not apparent. They may have been conspicuous only in one earlier phase of the person’s life, or they may not have blossomed yet – or perhaps they correspond to deep unconscious material. Because one of the most exciting sides of astrological interpretation is to reveal hidden soul forces and potential, the characters described in the interpretation that the person cannot recognize in themselves may actually be the most important.

This interpretation is valid both for tropical and sidereal charts

As you will notice, this interpretation emphasizes planetary aspects the most, and disregards the position of the planets in signs. This type of report favors the use of the sidereal system of astrology (taking into account the precession of the equinoxes) because this matches the astronomical reality of the constellations more closely. In a sidereal chart, all the positions of the planets in signs differ by more than 23 degrees from those in a tropical chart. However, planetary aspects and the positions of planets in houses remain the same. So the interpretation we are offering you here remains the same for tropical and sidereal charts.

 One of the differences between a so called Psychic Reading and a Card Reading is with an Astrology Reading you can be given numerous pages of pertinent information that you can read many times for proper integration.

 Transformation and change takes work, and time, that work can be done well when the suggestions are transcribed and you make use of the material slowly and steadily.

 This report points out special spiritual abilities, psychic abilities and healing abilities of which we all have to a degree. As well, we have the ability to develop them further.

 In today’s times we are more focused on materialism and our inner senses suffer for lack of regular use and therefore stagnate, but they are there.


The Ascension Report will put you more in focus with the WHOLE YOU!

 In all the universe there can be no such thing as good luck or fate; every action, every thought is governed by universal law. Behind every bit of good fortune lie the causes that we ourselves have sometime, somewhere set in motion. Behind all ill fortune we will find the energy, we ourselves, have generated. Every cause must have a certain definite effect, there is no dodging the results, we reap what we sow with exact mathematical precision.

(Venice Bloodworth, Key to Yourself)



 In this chart…

1. Moon is very strong because: ruler of the hour

conjunct rising sign Libra

conjunct Pluto

conjunct Black Moon

2. Pluto is strong because:

conjunct Moon

conjunct Black Moon

conjunct rising sign


Notice the following groups of planets:

The cluster Sun – Jupiter – Saturn – Mercury – Black Pluto, Moon, Mars Moon in the

11th and 12th and 1st houses.

*) The conjunction Pluto – Moon in the 1st house.


 Note: the aspects are presented in a carefully selected order which reflects their importance in this chart.

 Conjunction Moon-Pluto, orb = 00°25′

Because its orb is only 00°25′, this aspect is very tight. (meaning strong)

Moreover, Moon and Pluto are both strong in this chart.

This aspect is therefore very powerful.

The Moon-Pluto brings exceptionally deep, intense and rich emotions, which at times may devastate the person.

It is essential for them to find outlets for these emotions and not let them remain buried underground – otherwise you can be consumed by them. Unless significant work on oneself has been achieved, there are likely to be times when these emotions explode, internally or outwardly, which can be quite shocking to you (and to your surroundings). In most cases, however, one should not necessarily worry when it happens – Pluto can cope with (and vitally needs) significantly more intensity than the average person.

Because of this rich inner life, the you can intuitively understand other people’s emotions with great sharpness (also because Pluto likes to investigate and unveil other people’s secrets). If your integrity is not high, this can also lead to a lot of emotional manipulation of parents, friends, and/or colleagues.

The Moon is the planet of fertility, which Pluto’s intensity can superlatively enhance.

Can lead to an exceptionally fertile imagination and creativity.

Think of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, for instance, who was born with a Moon-Pluto conjunction.

Cooking: With this major Moon-Pluto aspect, let’s face it, there has to be some fascination with esoteric/occult topics, if not something of a witch in some part of you. This will often show when you are cooking. Where other people would simply be mixing ingredients, you concoct and brew. You intuitively know how to pour non-physical influences into the food. You are naturally in touch with the deeply alchemical, magical and occult aspects of cooking.

There are not many combinations like Moon-Pluto for a rich and complicated sexuality. There is a jungle of fantasies, either at the background of the psyche, or consciously acknowledged. At times, the desires can be overwhelming – a chasm.

If you have never experienced the ‘sex maniac character’ inside yourself, then you simply do not know yourself.

The Moon eclipsed: However, because of the intensity of their desire, and also in relation to the concealing nature of Pluto, there may well be the risk of totally repressing the sexual desire, and cutting off from the rich inner emotional world. Rather than facing what may at first appear to be the abyss, you semi-consciously or unconsciously choose to close the lid and see nothing. Some people even lead themselves to believe that they have transcended emotions and sublimated their passions, while in reality they are in a state of quasi-total suppression.

There are great dangers associated with such an attitude. One is that you may be a living on a volcano, which might create disastrous mental and physical problems. Another is that this will cause a disconnection from the fountain of creativity that is inside.

The Moon is the planet of sensitivity and affection, but also of nutrition. Any disorder of the Moon is likely to create nutritional disruptions, usually through overeating, sometimes anorexia nervosa (a perfect example of the Moon being taken underground by Pluto).

With this aspect, each time your eating habits go out of control, the first thing you should think of is that some unseen emotions are at work deep inside. Rather than eating, it might be cleverer to do some work on yourself and find the source of the agitation. Remember also that with Pluto, there are NO limits. If you let your diet go out of control, it may really go out of control.

Conversely, I have seen several overweight people with a major Moon-Pluto aspect who lost a lots of weight as soon as they started working on themselves.

If your partner has a major Moon-Pluto aspect be ready to go for great intensities in the emotional and sexual sides of the relationship. The need to explore hidden facets and desires is essential for you to come to know yourself and gain control of your destiny, and also to create a real bond between the two partners. A climate of complete trust must be established, for the you to feel safe enough to open Pandora’s box.

Working on yourself:

With a Moon-Pluto aspect, the first important element is to seek to unveil emotions, feelings and desires which may have remained completely unacknowledged and even unconscious in your life so far. There is the need for Healing (or some other technique to reveal the depths of the psyche) in great measure.

Every month, when the Moon transits your Moon-Pluto conjunction, there is renewed opportunity to go further in depth (if a New Moon or a Full Moon takes place on it, then even more so). Passages of the Moon can also be great times to organize healing work or sessions. After much work, you may also want to test your self-achievements by going to visit your family on these days!

 Sextile Moon-Neptune, orb = 00°58′

With an orb of only 00°58′, this aspect is significantly tight.

Moreover, Moon is strong in this chart.

This aspect therefore plays a significant role in the chart.

Exceptional sensitivity, highly plastic and changeable, psychic abilities.

The Moon is related to water and earth elements. Neptune raises its level of vibration from down to earth to more imaginative and spiritual dimensions.

*Moon-Neptune: 2 watery energies combining into the most sensitive of all planetary blends.

Fantastic imagination.

Intense dream life (superlative dreaming, even with eyes wide open). Easy access to the unconscious.

Dreams of ideals. Romantic dispositions. (Think of John Lennon, Moon-Neptune trine). Can become emotionally indulgent at times.

Highly plastic (superlative water).

Impressionable mind.

Highly changeable and multifaceted personality.

Potential for great compassion. Ideals of love.

*Extremely psychic:

The plastic psyche is particularly good at tuning into things and people.

Good at opening.

Visions and psychic abilities through great opening – if one can go beyond the vagueness.

Angel connections.

Need for merging.

Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, had a Moon-Neptune conjunction in the Midheaven.

 Sextile Moon-Nth Node, orb = 01°04′

Trine Moon-South Node, orb = 01°04′

Having orb of 01°04′, this aspect is tight.

Moreover, Moon is strong in this chart.

This reinforces the significance of this aspect in the chart.

The North Node points towards destiny. Its association with the Moon suggest that it is by experiencing the values of the Moon within oneself that one finds one’s destiny. This points towards the necessity of using one’s sensitivity and yin qualities, as well as imagination and right side of the brain. And also the values of nurturing and of service rendered to others. It can also mean that there is a need to connect with the child inside and develop playful attitudes to life.

In a female nativity, this configuration may also manifest in the form of a deep pull for having children.

 Sextile Neptune-Pluto, orb = 00°33′

The major effect of this is to accentuate spiritual awareness and development en masse. You are part of a generation that is intent on exploring. You will be aware of a universal interest in metaphysical subjects, clairvoyance and psychical research. You work with real imagination and understanding in areas of the mind that are the most personal or private — depth psychology. You are like a midwife of the spirit, assisting at the birth of each individual going through a spiritual or re-birth process. You accept the natural process of birth, spiritual and physical, and have dedicated yourself to helping it along. You would make a great teacher in these areas.

During the past century, there has been only one aspect made between Neptune and Pluto, and it is interesting to note that the sextile commenced in the midst of World War II during 1942. The influence of this relationship would be expected to have global and generational effects; and, like all of the transpersonal planetary energies, would be a directive force stimulating the development of the evolutionary process within time and space.

Neptune will attract an almost mystical exploratory search from those responsive to it; and since the sextile commenced science has reacted in two distinct and complementary directions: effort has been poured into developing space travel and satellite technology, exploring the vast outer universe through radio-telescopes, for example; while the complementary exploration of inner space – investigating and probing the building blocks of matter – and quantum physics has emerged at the forefront of scientific inquiry.

The attempts to understand the nature of the universe, its composition and size, the possible creation of the universe and the ‘big bang theory’ reflect the traditional Western way of looking externally. What has paralleled this tendency has been the birth of an opposite movement amongst people, that of self-exploration, the inner mystical way.

This has been through the New Age movement, humanistic / Jungian psychology, occult techniques, and the rebirth of magical attitudes towards life. It has also involved the grafting onto the Western tree of many of the attitudes and much of the knowledge of Eastern philosophies and religions; a merging of the two hemispheres; a potential unification of belief structures reflecting the scientific movement towards a more mystically orientated quantum physics.

As the outer universe becomes vaster, and the inner universe becomes a mysterious vastness of space, the only point in which the outer and the inner become reconciled is in the human being. At a time when the immense destructive power of splitting the atom can be used to commit racial suicide or genocide, the old Mystery School injunction of the ancients is the key to the future:

‘Man, know thyself’. The generations born after this aspect commenced, or those especially receptive to its influence, are aware of the basic tendencies emanating from it. They are life-enhancing: the need to protect the world’s environment from senseless devastation; the need to extend individual rights and freedoms, to unfold international co-operation and to move beyond an embracing consumer materialist dominance in the West. The recognition that potentially a higher quality of life can be had in the world for the majority of people through a redirection of resources (if the will is there) can lead to radical change. The energies of transformation are present, and much depends upon our use of them, individually and collectively, for negative or positive results. The challenge of ‘free will’ is to make choices and decisions which determine, in the present, the nature of the future.

 Sextile Pluto-North Node, orb = 00°39′

You will establish contact with many people throughout your life and can even exert a measure of power over others. Certain associations seem inevitable or karmic and destined to influence the course of your life. Special contacts in your life will shape your future.

Trine Pluto-South Node, orb = 00°39′

This configuration points towards the necessity for great transformation during this incarnation. If you do not resist these metamorphoses, your condition of consciousness at the end of this life will be completely different from how it was at the beginning.

The less you resist the transformations, the more you understand them and flow with them, the less they are likely to be dramatic or painful. The more you can move towards your higher self, the less there is need for crises.

 Square Venus-Mars, orb = 04°28′

Key words: The encounter of the 2 planets of desire, passion, libido and creativity.

The Venus-Mars combination can manifest in quite different characters. A person may well manifest one of these characters at one period of their life, then another character of opposite polarity in another period – all this even if they do not do any work on themselves.

Characters related to the Mars-Venus association of planetary forces:

*The passionate character:

Mars and Venus are the two planets of polarity, attraction and passion.

When they meet in the form of an aspect, they reinforce each other. The fire of Mars permeates the Venusian sensitivity and adds stamina and spice to it. The Venusian flow tends to make the Mars planetary force more directly geared into the sphere of emotions, feelings and sexuality.

The results are:

Lots of fire, lots of desire.

Emotional intensity (this combination is an emotion magnifier).

A rich palette of feelings and also a depth to them.

Strong attractions. Can be fascinated, enchanted, enraptured, captivated. (Think of mythological stories relating the irresistible attraction between Ares-Mars and Aphrodite-Venus, and their passionate amorous episodes.)

Strong likes, ‘I love that’, ‘I adore him’.

Strong dislikes, ‘I hate this person’, ‘I can’t bear that’.

*The sex maniac character:

Mars and Venus are the two planets of the libido – Venus being the watery, sensual side, Mars the fiery side. The reinforcement that takes place when they meet in the form of an aspect is likely to create strong sexual needs, at least for periods.

If a person with this aspect is unaware of any sex maniac character inside themselves, then it is likely they simply do not know themselves. An entire part of their sensuality remains dormant and more or less buried in the background of their psyche, which calls for urgent self-exploration work.

Conversely, this can be an aspect to burn the candle at both ends. The expression of this aspect can become overdone in an endless multiplication of sensual experiences. Then it is essential for you to realize that these will never bring full satisfaction and that, deep inside, they are looking for something of a spiritual nature.

*The creative character:

Being the two planets of the libido, Venus and Mars are also those of creativity. It can, of course, be artistic creativity – when the fire of Mars is channeled towards Venusian aesthetic values. Or the creativity can manifest in any other endeavor, depending on inclinations and dispositions.

Whatever nature it may take, this creativity will prove a wonderful outlet for the inner buildup of intensity that accompanies a major aspect between Venus and Mars. This should be remembered in particular when counselling someone with this aspect who is going through a difficult period of inner tension. Encouraging them to express their creative side through an activity appropriate for themselves will allow the libido to flow, which may greatly facilitate the resolution of inner conflicts.

Another important point is that people with this aspect may never have realized how creative they potentially are, and therefore never applied their qualities to anything. Children with this aspect, in particular, should be encouraged to learn some form of artistic expression, such as drawing or music, not only because it is good for their flow of libido, but also because they are likely to have hidden talents.


A powerful advice that can be given to anyone with a major Venus-Mars aspect and undergoing an emotional crisis is: do something with your hands. The more creative it can be, the better. But even if it is not particularly artistic, as in weeding the garden or taking a few tools and tinkering, working with one’s hands has a powerful balancing effect on the Mars flow of libido.

*Grasping and free-flow:

An important concept in this work is that of grasping and free-flow. These correspond to two different attitudes to sensual enjoyment (be it related to food, sex, or anything that can be an object of desire). In the first one, the psyche ‘grasps’ the object, making the enjoyment a consuming experience. In the other, there is a much more relaxed, fluid, open attitude to pleasure in which you can flow with the experience – hence the name ‘free-flow’.

Mars is the planet of grasping, Venus that of free flow. The dialectic between grasping and free-flow therefore takes a special importance for the characters related to aspects between these two planets. You may well start your career as a prime ‘grasper’, rushing into enjoyment of all kinds as a devouring youth (Mars-Venus aspects give strong stamina).

From there, there is a learning curve of the free-flow to undertake. The quicker you can move towards free-flow, the more the Mars-Venus character inside themselves is likely to reach balance and harmony.

 Conjunction Sun-Jupiter, orb = 00°52′

With an orb of only 00°52′, this aspect is significantly tight.

Also notice that the planetary latitude of Sun ( 00°00′) is very close to that of Jupiter ( 01°02′). This means that the two planets are not only conjunct in longitude but also in latitude

This aspect therefore plays a significant role in the chart.

Key words: the king, great solar Jupiterian. Direction: Higher Ego. If you miss it: dictatorial little ego.

Sun-Jupiter is perhaps the brightest and luckiest of all planetary combinations.

Imparts a number of Jupiterian features to the personality:

-Enthusiasm, optimism.


-Broad ideals. Capacity to do things in large measure.

This is an aspect of fullness, and maturity.

The Sun reinforces self-confidence, self-trust, belief in oneself and trust of one’s ability when facing difficult situations. Sense of loyalty, dignity, noble disposition, high sense of leadership and rulership. It would be an excellent aspect for a king or queen!

*Exaggerate characters:

A Sun-Jupiter character is likely to have an inclination for doing things in large measure.

It is a ‘too-much’ association, which by nature may well have a tendency to exaggerate at times.

Rather than one exaggerating character, it may be an exaggeration of a number of characters, and of various features in the personality.

*Direction: Higher Ego.

Within the palette of soul forces, the Sun-Jupiter is one which tends towards the Ego. The higher and more philosophical sides of Jupiter are enhanced by the Sun. Jupiter is reminded by the Sun that its need for expansion is unlimited and will never be satisfied by anything less than a full spiritual realization. This can be a ‘high quest’ aspect.

*The danger of a bloated little ego:

At the same time, this clear direction towards the Higher Ego is very much needed because, with this aspect, the little ego side of the Sun could also be bloated in Jupiterian proportions. There is the potential for egotism in large measure with pride, ostentation, arrogance. There is likely to be at least some periods in the person’s life when the little ego will aim at becoming dictatorial.

*There may also be, at times, personality clashes, conflicts with figures of authority and with hierarchy in general.

 Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn, orb = 08°14′

Jupiter and Saturn incarnate opposite sets of values. Jupiter is outgoing, optimistic, jovial, likes to take risks and be in the limelight. Saturn enjoys introversion, is rather pessimistic by nature or at least cautious, and enjoys solitary activities. And so on with a long list.

Thus all aspects of Jupiter and Saturn pose a challenge: how to integrate all these contradictory values?

If such integration can be achieved, then the result is a great power of realization. Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets of ‘materialization’, with which one can carry on projects of a certain dimension and make things happen in the world – the archetypal example of a sublime achiever with a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction being William Shakespeare. Another example of irresistible force is Bruce Lee.

If the integration fails, then it is likely that oscillations between the two sets of values will take place. You may go through phases, being sometimes a great Jupiterian with all possible excesses, sometimes stuck in the limitations and gloom of Saturn. When Saturn is on its good leg, it remains nearly unseen – simply supporting the impetus of Jupiter with common sense, precise judgment and attention to detail. When Saturn enters a depressed phase, Jupiter loses its expansiveness and joviality and the native feels enclosed in a web of insurmountable limitations. These oscillations may well go in cycles of a few months, and if they are recognized early enough, perhaps the native may learn to minimize their effect by not yielding to the gloom. Just the fact of recognizing a recurring pattern often mitigates its impact.

 Conjunction Sun-Saturn, orb = 09°06′

*The structured ego:

The structure and fixity of Saturn combining with the will and direction of the Sun gives: resolution, determination, steadfastness and perseverance in the pursuit of long term goals, and even stubbornness, obstinacy, capacity to insist and keep on with a task until it yields results.

Self control, sense of discipline, Spartan disposition.

Common sense, groundedness.

Can be very straight, sincere.

Deep need for purity and perfection (which can be a major driving force in a spiritual quest). Someone with a strong Sun-Saturn aspect is likely to appreciate the barren beauty of the desert, whether sandy or arctic.

Capacity to make sacrifices in order to achieve one’s goal, and perhaps self-denial, or even ascetic tendencies.

May be slow to decide to start a spiritual path, but if they do they will stick to it unvascillatingly. ‘Gentle bulldozer’ kind of spiritual resolution. An excellent aspect to practice, practice, practice… Natural affinity with asceticism.

*The barricaded ego:

Self (Sun) – restraint (Saturn). Reserved and formal. Rigid and stern father image.

Rigidity. Likely to display consistent resistance healing or other techniques of self-exploration..

The Saturnian qualities may sometimes mask an inability to deal with chaos. Freaks out if the kitchen is not impeccable. Difficulty in being flexible and doing things other than in their own way. Needs lessons in chaos (but will you cope?)

Sometimes the fixity of Saturn may cause people to be slow to realize they need to operate a change.

Can also have a certain tendency to coldness. Cold ambition that nothing will stop.

Without some Uranus or Neptune, the earthly values of Saturn may floor the personality into short-sighted materialism and an obnoxious type of ‘common-sense’.

*The relationship to the father:

Sun and Saturn are the two significators of the father, and so any aspect between these two planets tends to highlight the relationship with one’s father – for good or bad. A harmonious father image will play a role of deep foundation in the client’s psyche. Conversely, if the father was absent or cold, the result may be a big hole, nearly like a missing bit.

*Working on yourself: a constant aspiration for opening and surrender is needed to counteract the fixity of Saturn.

Do not let yourself be trapped in the pitfalls of stubbornness, whereby you reinforce the resistance mechanisms, perhaps even under the appearance of putting the process into practice. The person should always be careful not to let themselves be taken into dogmatic trends of thoughts and practice. Diet fanaticism, in particular, is always a major peril for someone spiritual with a major Sun-Saturn aspect. Sackcloth and ashes are definitely out!

The problem with Sun-Saturn spiritual seekers is often that they do not see how their rigid ego structure hides behind their ascetic tendencies. Asceticism, in itself, is beautiful of course. But if it becomes a refuge for the little ego’s barricades, then it will never lead to enlightenment. There may well be a need to learn about Moon indulging, in order to break rigidity. Otherwise there is the risk of a certain constipation of the creativity, and endless resistance mechanisms.

Famous people with a Sun-Saturn conjunction: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

 Conjunction Mercury-Saturn, orb = 04°54′

The Mercury-Saturn combination is usually favorable, in particular for intelligence.

Saturn, planet of limits, can by itself become restricted and excessively earthy. Mercury adds lightness to it, and speeds up its vibration level. Out of two archetypal figures attached to Saturn, the peasant and the scientist, Mercury pushes for the latter by adding air element, sharpness of mind, intuition and some originality. Also, Mercury’s sense of humor can only contribute to lightening the heavy sides of Saturn.

Mercury, planet of the mind, may have among its drawbacks a certain superficiality, a lack of fixity, and instability – all of which will be positively counterbalanced by Saturn’s weight. Mercury is good at establishing connections between things but may, by itself, find it difficult to ground these into practical applications – which can only be improved by Saturn’s earth element.

The qualities of structure inherent in Saturn will favor many positive traits in the Mercury-mental organization: depth of mind, concentration power and focus, precision, method, mental rigor and logic, common sense, judgment and discernment, ability for sciences and/or sustained studies.

It also brings certain Saturnian features to the personality such as perseverance, seriousness, honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, and a touch of reserve.

The Mercury-Saturn combination favors practicality and management skills – someone serious, dependable and reliable, who can carry out tasks properly.

The possible drawbacks would be more or less the same in a conjunction or a trine as they are in a square or an opposition. Saturn always brings a certain danger of dryness. The native must make sure that he/she does not become caught in cold and sterile logical patterns.

If your partner has a major Mercury-Saturn aspect, different tactics may be envisaged.

You may want to appear as a true, serious, reliable partner – the ideal match for an accountant.

You may also decide that some fantasy is needed in the routine, and decide to shake their logical structure a bit. Why not? That may actually do them a lot of good, if they cope.

Perhaps a combination of both attitudes is the right balance to strike.

The Mercury-Saturn combination has nothing against originality. However, the one thing they will probably not forgive you for is inconsistency.

 Conjunction Mercury-Black Moon, orb = 06°40′

Adds depth to Mercury, and connection between the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind.

Mercury can only gain in depth from its association with the Black Moon. The Black Moon adds sharpness and wit. Mercury allows an expression of the profound values associated with the Black Moon (which signifies the unconscious levels of the psyche). The combination can bring wisdom, as well as intuition. On a simple level, this intuition will result in instant and extremely accurate insights into other people’s emotions – knowing their nature from the inside, rather than judging them by their facade.

The understanding of other people’s psychology also has to do with the fact that the native’s own inner life is quite sophisticated and complex. Mercury stands for the conscious mind, Black Moon for the subconscious and unconscious parts of the psyche. The association of the two means that there are more bridges between the different levels of the psyche than in other individuals.

This will not always be easy to bear. At times, this open communication between conscious and unconscious mind will trigger heavy emotions, crises, anxiety or even depression. Still, it is the foundation for a high degree of self-knowledge.

With this aspect, you will be well advised to watch the transits (passages) of Black Moon on the natal Mercury and Black Moon. These may be times when profound rearrangements of your thought patterns take place, and therefore golden opportunities to achieve a great amount of work on yourself. Conversely, the less you know yourself, the more these transits may result in situations of inner crisis.

On a higher level, this aspect of Mercury to the Black Moon can help you become quite psychic. For Lilith-Black Moon, a highly metaphysical point in the chart, is plugged directly into your Mercury-mental consciousness. This means a natural affinity with the hidden mysteries of life, and a great capacity to fathom them.

 Sextile Jupiter-Uranus, orb = 01°49′

Key words: quest, vision, broad dimension.

Two planets of breaking the limits. Two planets of journeying far.

Broadmindedness, progressive mind.

Great sense of humor (which pertains to both Jupiter and Uranus).

Unexpected opportunities.

Surprising changes in the life situation. (Watch Uranus’ transits carefully.)


Jupiter is the planet of the third eye and inner spiritual guidance, Uranus is that of flashes of intuition.

Vertical thinking.

Clairvoyance beyond limited little astral worlds. Far reaching inner vision which can comprehend a large scope of reality.

 Square Jupiter-Neptune, orb = 00°34′

Because its orb is only 00°34′, this aspect is very tight.

This aspect is therefore very powerful.

*A warm and harmonious combination:

The meeting of Jupiter and Neptune is a happy one: these are two planets of spirituality and vastness which go well together. Neptune adds a spiritual dimension to Jupiter. Jupiter holds the Neptunian potential and helps actualize it out of blurriness. Jupiter’s warmth enhances the benevolent values inherent to Neptune and minimizes the coldness sometimes attached to it.

*Neptunian sensitivity in Jupiterian proportions:

Empathy, immense compassion.

Jupiter’s generosity and Neptune selflessness.

High ideals.

*High artistic sensitivity and inspiration:

Deep experiences and revelations through music.

Natural perception of the sacred side of arts.

*Highest spirituality:

Jupiter the hierophant, Neptune the mystic – one of the most spiritual combinations of planets.

Premonitory dreams.

Faith, capital F (as in the pistis of the Gnostic gospels).

Visionary (think of Edgar Cayce, who had Moon-Neptune conjunct in the 10th house, and trine to Jupiter in the 6th).

Natural understanding of the world of the gods and of high spiritual realities.

Great mystic. Transcendental experiences.

Experiences of expansion and vastness. Universal love.

Vast illuminations.

The Neptunian rich inner spiritual life expanding under the Jupiter influence:

The prophet. The hierophant. High priest(ess).

*Working on yourself:

If you have a major Jupiter-Neptune aspect, the challenge is double.

On the one hand, revealing the big values of spirituality that are dormant inside you.

On the other hand, avoiding a number of pitfalls linked to Neptune and possibly further reinforced by the association with Jupiter.

The possible pitfalls:

A fantastic ability to dream, and possibly to fool yourself. Neptune delusions, taking Jupiterian proportions. There is a great need for carefully chosen advisers that make sure you remain in touch with reality and do not escape into a world of your own.

Perhaps the greatest of all perils, however, is that the Neptunian inherent blurriness will never be broken through and that the wonderful spiritual potential that is within you may never be contacted.

As always with Neptune, there is the need to fight chaos, dreaminess, vagueness, and procrastination.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs are to be avoided at any cost, for they favor the inner confusion – the great enemy of people with a strong Neptune. Moreover, the Jupiterian tendency to do things in large measure could precipitate you into pronounced levels of addiction.

*The dreamer character:

Deeply out of touch with reality.

Layers and layers of false conceptions inside, in which the person strongly believes (Jupiter-Neptune is a combination for faith).

Lives in an imaginary reality of their own. Perhaps escaping in novels or videos (waiting for virtual reality).

A long string of disillusionment experiences in life.

Can end up completely isolated and useless.

 Sextile Sun-Uranus, orb = 02°41′

Key words: originality and intelligence; imparts strong Uranus values to the personality. A life full of surprises.

*A life full of surprises:

Change as a way of life. Lightning and earthquakes – as in I Ching Hexagram no. 51.

Sudden opportunities and unexpected life circumstances. (Uranus’ transits are to be watched carefully.)


Progressive mind. Originality. Deep need to be different, not to conform to established patterns, but to develop something special about oneself. Need to do what other people cannot do. Need to stand out.

Hates confinement in routines or boring social circles.

Pull towards things which are totally different and new.

Strong orientation towards the future. Promethean personality. Not afraid of transgressing limits if needed.

Deeply belief that you are destined to ‘something else and greater’ and therefore can achieve what no-one else would even dare to attempt.

 Square Sun-Neptune, orb = 00°18′

Watch out! As the orb is only 00°18′, this aspect is extremely tight.

This makes this aspect super-powerful – one of the most powerful of all aspects in the chart.

Key words: strong Neptunian features: idealistic, inspired, compassion, but first needs to overcome the Neptunian vagueness in order to access them.

Imparts Neptunian qualities to the personality, not unlike the astrological clichés about Piscean people.

Idealistic. High inner dreams.

Compassion. Softness. Can be self-sacrificing.

Spiritual dispositions.

Deep inner aspiration for a merging with the Divine, whether consciously acknowledged or not.

*The Sun-Neptune inspired character:

Great sensitivity and aesthetic sense.

High inspiration.

Capacity to connect to high spiritual realms, either in an artistic direction, or in a spiritual one.

Has overcome the inertia and vagueness of Neptune, and therefore can do something with the inspiration in practical life. Neptune set into action – creator in movement.

Flows of creativity. Can be exceptionally prolific (the transcended Moon side of Neptune).

Radiating heart: the Sun shining with Neptunian compassion. Power of Love. Christ consciousness. The kind of person who has the ability to tune into people and know what they are feeling, or even feel it within themselves.

Soul which has contacted its own magnificence. ‘Mahatama’, ‘great soul’ , (Gandhi had a Sun-Neptune opposition, together with a Neptune, Saturn, Moon grand trine; Sri Aurobindo had a Sun-Neptune trine.)

It is not rare for people with a strong Sun-Neptune aspect to feel a heart affinity with India, a country in which the values of these combined planets are extremely strong, for better or worse.

*The Sun-Neptune vague/dreamer character:

Very sensitive but vague. Has all sorts of full on dreams but does not really know what they are about. Can be psychic but they do not know what it is that they are connecting with.

Lack of precision.

Indecision. Lack of purpose. Difficulty finding direction. Needs Cerato Bach Flower.

Sense of high idealism, but inability to do anything about it.

Significantly worsened by taking drugs, from tobacco and alcohol to hard drugs, for these increase the vagueness and the inner confusion.

Lack of incarnation. Not wanting to be here. (If the person is short-sighted, it is likely that it started early in life.)

Prepersonal tendencies.

Needs to undergo a very thorough, exacting work on themselves, fighting vagueness and absence, before they can tap from the higher side of their Neptune.

*The Sun-Neptune polluted etheric:

(As with all characters/features, this one of course does not apply to everyone with a Sun-Neptune aspect. But when it does, it can be extremely significant.)

Neptune, planet of pollution. Sun, principle of life.

‘Dirty’ feeling when tuning into the person’s etheric body.

Can correspond to a perverse energy deeply embedded in the person’s belly. Or to something more diffuse and insidious in the etheric.

Can become significantly worse if the person takes tobacco, alcohol or other drugs.

Requires significant clearing work, otherwise the person lives in a cloud.

Psoric miasm of homoeopathy.

The more their heart learns to shine, the more the pollution clears up.

Requires a massive work of clearing, clarification, fighting vagueness and prepersonal features.

 Trine Neptune-North Node, orb = 00°06′

Sextile Neptune-South Node, orb = 00°06′

This points to the values of Neptune as playing a key role in the evolution of the native during this incarnation.

Perhaps, before arriving on Earth, the person has taken the resolution to advance along a path of compassion and universal love.

Perhaps there is a streak of high spiritual-artistic inspiration waiting above their head, already connected and waiting for them to tap into it.

It can also indicate that the spiritual guidance of the individual (the beings who are in charge of helping to fulfil destiny) is strongly related to Neptunian values.

 Square Uranus-North Node, orb = 02°29′

Square Uranus-South Node, orb = 02°29′

North Node stands for one’s destiny and stepping into one’s future. Its association with Uranus suggests that it is by using the values of this planet that one can resolve a number of major problems in this life and move towards one’s next evolutionary steps.

This may well imply the capacity to shake one’s routines and develop one’s originality. Use lateral thinking. Be daring, not letting yourself be confined by established models and cannons. There is a need for independence; if one lets oneself be molded by one’s environment, one runs the risk of missing one’s destiny. It could well be that a few times during this incarnation, some radical changes will be needed.

 Sextile Mercury-Venus, orb = 01°08′

A harmonious combination of planetary forces.

It brings lightness, youthfulness, flexibility, joyfulness.

Sensitivity, artistic abilities, sense of aesthetics – the Mercurian mind taking up Venusian sensuality.

Mercury likes to communicate, Venus adds softness. The associations suggests diplomatic skills; the native knows how to ease tension and create a space of harmony in which communication can flow.

You get along well with young people.

On a higher, spiritual, level, Mercury and Venus are two planets of connection with angelic beings. The conjunction may therefore indicate the potential for spiritual connections of an extremely high level – but that will probably not appear much until you follow a serious work of spiritual transformation.

In most cases, however, a Mercury-Venus conjunction is not extremely significant in itself, for two reasons. Firstly, Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets, never extremely far from each other, so that the conjunction occurs relatively often. Secondly, both planets can change their characteristics dramatically depending on which other planets they are aspected too.

Significance will come more from other aspects contracted by Venus and Mercury. Conjunctions usually indicate accumulations of forces. By itself, a Mercury-Venus does not accumulate much. If however, other planets are either conjunct or otherwise aspected to Mercury and Venus, then there may be significant reinforcement of these other connections.

 Sextile Venus-Black Moon, orb = 05°32′

Black Moon adds depth and originality to Venus.

On one level, the combination can be excellent. Venus has several wonderful sides, but by itself can sometimes be superficial. From that point of view, it can only benefit from the exacting influence of Black Moon, and of its need for ideal, absolute and perfection.

This can lead to powerful realizations, not only in the field of arts, but also in several other professional activities – provided they can be an outlet for your creativity. (Black Moon does enhance the creative side of Venus. In many cases, it also adds a metaphysical dimension to it.)

Because the need for perfection can be extreme, you must make sure that it does not become paralyzing (as in the case of people who prefer to refrain from relationships rather than being with someone who is not the absolute perfect match, or people who prefer to create nothing rather than run the risk of creating something imperfect).

 At one time in a Meditation Group a Spiritual Master from the Himalayas asked everyone to come in the following week with their core issues and primary fears. All of us looked dumbfounded, having never been asked that question before.

So I made it one of my specialties to learn to see these in a birth chart.

So This particular Black Moon once called Tetrus are the Core Issues and primary fears.

Black Moon in Libra

Theme: The Shadow of Perfection

Primary Fear: fear of loneliness/isolation

Self-judgment: personal “flaws” are harshly judged

Issues: perfection; unrealistic expectations; boundary issues

Projection: criticism of others, particularly the criticism of how things appear

Goals: to not have to have things be perfect, to be comfortable being alone, to see gray – not just black and white, to not be judgmental


Black Moon in Libra values impeccability and holds everything and everyone to a high standard, especially oneself. This shadow involves pursuit of the “ideal” and keenly feels the separation from spirit. The Black Moon in Libra manifests in intense self-judgment and fragmentation of the self into pieces that are either acceptable or unacceptable. This shadow breaches boundaries and sorts through everything in an attempt to perfect it. It seeks excellence. This results in an unending series of disappointments and can form schisms in relationships. Maintaining any semblance of perfection is exhausting for anyone, but with the Black Moon in Libra, we often find ourselves complaining about being tired or not having enough time. Indecisiveness and self-deprivation are also characteristic of this shadow.

Healing and Transcending:

With the Black Moon in Libra, the need to judge must be faced. This shadow is strongly connected to the journey through the judgment of the Underworld and subsequent rebirth in a whole new way. It is actually a journey to find what is truly of value. When we are able to see that love is truly the only thing of value, we find inclusion instead of separation. We begin to love all of the parts, not just some of them. When we understand that everything is connected, we see that the fear of separation is an illusion. Healing the shadow of perfection is about seeing our own (and others?) inner perfection by allowing the “ideals” of the outer, material world to fall away.

Assess your values. When you find yourself being critical of others, ask yourself if you dislike that same thing in yourself. Examine how you separate yourself from other people. Is there a need to keep some part of you distinct from others?

When you find yourself being critical, find something valuable about the situation. You might not feel like certain things about you or others are perfect in appearance, but you may find that they are highly valuable in functionality. By practicing finding value, the shadow that believes in the idea of perfection is healed.

Keywords: Relationship Problems, Expectations, Indifferent

You are always on the lookout for a good relationship. But due to your high standards and expectations, you always find it difficult to find ideal happiness. Your pessimistic attitude causes tension and unhappiness. On the external side you get along well with people. You need to learn when to give advice and when to keep quiet. You need to accept others without any expectations. Try not to become indifferent and insensitive. Learn to live with compromises and sacrifices and make the best of the situation. This energy indicates a fair and diplomatic disposition that strives for harmony. You like to entice and manipulate others, although without ulterior motives. You can get caught in a circuitous route of partnership failures, either because you finish the partnership, or encourage the other party to do so. This is likely to be the result of a conflict between your desire for commitment and your need for autonomy. Another factor could be your refusal to admit that your idealized perceptions about someone may have been wrong, or you may simply refuse to see the person in their true light. You may also see yourself as different to others and generally misunderstood. All-in-all however, you have very high expectations of any partnership and play your part in making these work; you also want emotional loyalty from your life partner and expect them to accept you as you are. You have the gifts of intuition, insight into others and wisdom, as well as a talent for music, but may, paradoxically, not recognize these. You have the capacity to look through others. To intertwine with someone else is what this energy is longing for, hoping for a divine relationship which makes it all right. Your own high expectations make it very difficult to have a relationship with finesse. You tend to calculate the quality and often the price is “too high” or “too close for comfort” so you overweigh or sit on the fence too long. It is uncertainty translated into negativism that breaks the relationship to pieces; you make relationships more problematic then necessary. The B.M. here magnifies the underlying, tensions, manipulations and intrigues and makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Finding a partner is easy, committing and being happy with the other person is the issue. Interestingly enough you possess the quality to work with others, maintaining external relationships work. Once you are eye-to-eye and you know your opponent/partner/relationship. You must learn to “balance” when to give advice and when to keep quiet. And to remember unasked for advice almost always falls on deaf ears.

True Love for the Black Moon in Libra: With the Black Moon in Libra we have a core fear of being alone, which causes us to enter into relationships that are not necessarily good for us. It is often more important for us to be in any relationship as opposed to a good relationship. Add to this the fact that Black Moon in Libra seeks perfection, which is an illusion, and relationships can be quite challenging. Much like the Black Moon in Gemini, we know true love when our partner sees us as perfect just as we are.

Black Moon in 1st House

Challenges: The greatest challenges of the shadow are deeply related to how we feel about ourselves. The shadow side is ingrained in how we use our personal energy, what motivates us and our sense of overall well-being. Personal appearance or the way we appear to others is often a major concern. If the shadow is heavily in control, our behavior patterns will strongly reflect it. This placement of the Black Moon is intensely personal and our shadow issues will have a dramatic impact on our lives.

Gift: The gift of the shadow is the vast amount of personal energy at our disposal. This level of energy can produce fantastic healers and immensely creative individuals. We can accomplish monumental feats and have an uncanny ability to turn “negatives” into “positives.”

Natal Black Moon Conjunct Pluto

With the conjunction or opposition of the Black Moon to Pluto we seem to be excluded from a general lightness of being. In essence, our serious natures are the result of the dual influence of the Underworld. We seem to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. For us, our generation’s mission is deeply ingrained into our psyches and our decisions about our lives follow the purpose of this mission. We take our responsibilities extremely seriously. After the primary fear of the shadow is recognized, we are able to integrate a much-needed sense of ease into our lives.

 Natal Black Moon Conjunct Moon

While it may seem intuitive that a natal conjunction of the Moon and the Black Moon would serve to balance the personal shadow, this is not the case. This aspect indicates an impaired ability to identify and express emotions. Our emotional nature is amplified and our ability to cope with emotions can be impaired. This aspect creates a volatility that makes interpersonal relationships challenging. We experience primary fear more vividly than others, which can sometimes lead to phobias. As we begin to heal our shadow side, we may need additional help learning how to effectively manage our emotional lives. But once we have the tools we need to cope with our feelings, we experience healthy, joyful relationships.


 Ascendant Trine Neptune: Psychic and intuitive

Sun Sextile Uranus: Potential for strong magnetic healing force; potential to be a strongly intuitive person.

Moon Sextile Neptune: Potential to develop keen psychic sensitivity.

 Mercury in 12th House: perceptive, intuitive and subtle mind; absorb knowledge intuitively; if well aspected, especially by sextiles or trines to Neptune, Uranus or Pluto, valuable ideas and knowledge may be gained through intuitive or psychic ability.

 Jupiter in 11th House: Intuitive

Jupiter Sextile Uranus: this is a spiritual blessing aspect earned in other lifetimes.

 Neptune in Sagittarius: an ability to develop clairvoyance.

Neptune in 3rd House: Intuitive, ESP gives clairvoyance, psychic skills

Neptune Sextile Pluto:There is the opportunity to use your psychic abilities for the benefit of humanity; You can develop clairvoyance and prophetic ability. Have precognitive dreams. Strong psychic healing powers; desire for justice for all people. You abhor violence or anything that might degrade or oppress another person or animal.

 North Node Trine Neptune: These individuals will attract spiritual teachers who they have been close to in other lifetimes and who have taught them how to hear and see into the astral world.

 South Node Sextile Neptune: There is an opportunity for karmic situations to occur which enables the person to hear and see into the astral world.


1st house: Black Moon, Moon, Mars, Pluto.

 Moon in the 1st house:

Key words: strong Moon force in the psyche.

Astrologically speaking, the meaning of Moon in the 1st house is somewhat similar to the characteristics commonly associated with the sign of Cancer.

Sensitivity, plastic nature, intense dream life, nurturing, giving, homely.

Due to its plastic nature, the Moon is deeply affected by any planet to which it is aspected. It is therefore only after looking at the aspects that the significance of this position can be realistically assessed.

Mars in the 1st house:

By itself, Mars in the house of the personality tends to make the native dynamic, active, courageous, ambitious. This is the house of the body, and so Mars imparts robustness, an energetic temperament, and vital energy.

Mars, however, can take different faces depending on its aspects with other planets. The aspects of the Mars in this chart are therefore to be studied carefully; the qualities associated with them are likely to be particularly important in the native’s personality.

Because Mars is in the 1st house, it tends to be more buoyant, fiery and impulsive, which in turn will have to be taken into consideration when judging the aspects.

Pluto in the 1st house:

Pluto in the house of personality and physical appearance.

This position tends to impart the qualities of Pluto to the personality: intensity, magnetism, capacity to go to the bottom of things, secrecy, and attraction towards mysteries.

This can be a good position to look enigmatic (people with a strong Pluto often look like they are part of a secret society). Think of Orson Welles, for instance, of Lawrence Olivier – or of the magnetic Mick Jagger (all with Pluto in the 1st house).

Pluto in the 1st is a position for contained power – as in the power of the lower chakras (ruled by Pluto).

Pluto also tends to impart a solid physical framework, resistance, and regeneration capacity. Even if someone with this position looks frail, it is likely that they hold strong resources inside themselves, and the capacity to miraculously recover from situations where others deem them to be deeply in trouble.

 12th house: Mercury, Saturn

Mercury in the 12th house:

The 12th is the house for ‘going beyond’ and transcending. A planet in the 12th is often one which is to be experienced on a higher level than that of its primary values.

Mercury in the 12th can thus indicate an ‘inward movement’ of the mental organization, an internalized direction which seeks deeper values than just logical reasoning. The mind is in touch with deep, unconscious parts of the psyche. The result is a deep intuition, and an attraction towards spirituality and the mysteries of life. Living mechanically is simply not enough, there has to be an opening into something vaster.

 Saturn in the 12th house:

This position can be extremely spiritual. The 12th is the house of spirituality, Saturn that of depth and rejecting superficial appearances, and renouncing.

Saturn, traditionally the wisest of the planets, is at home in a house which is more about fathoming one’s spiritual nature than spreading into the world. Even if these tendencies do not manifest right from the first part of life, they may blossom later and bring the native superior forms of satisfaction. There is something extremely wise, as in ‘old soul’, in a Saturn in the 12th. The sooner the native can reconnect with this aspect of themselves, the better they will find integration and purpose in their life.

Saturn in the 12th can also be contemplative and ascetic, like the hermit who prefers seclusion to the shallow agitation of the world.

‘Planet in the 12th, transcended planet.’ In some cases, Saturn in the 12th simply means an extremely strong Saturn planetary force.

10th house: Venus, North Node.

 Venus in the 10th house:

The planet of love and harmony in the house of profession and career.

The Venusian symbolism can here manifest in the form of a profession related to the values of Venus: music, performing, arts, modelling, fashion, interior design, advertising, or dealing with Venusian things such as jewelry, antiques, the sex industry, etc.

There can be a tendency to associate love and career, such as marrying one’s business partner, going into business with one’s partner, or similar associations. There can also be a deep need to mix pleasure and career, doing exactly the things one feels attracted to and expressing oneself creatively through one’s professional occupation.

On another level of application of the symbolism, the person can use their profession as a way of protecting their sense of harmony and beauty to the world.

 North Node in the 10th house and South Node in the 4th house:

South Node in the 4th can stand for past lives in which solid inner foundations of the personality were established, perhaps through a lot of contemplation or through some quiet, retired situations.

In other cases, South Node in the 4th can mean deep karmic imprints in the depth of the psyche, which must be explored and released before the path to the North Node – future can be trodden.

North Node in the 10th means that destiny is now waiting in the outside world. It is through doing things and achieving that the native will find themselves.

This axis is one to ‘go out’, come out of one’s shell and take action in the world. There may well be pulls to withdraw at times, and escape the complications of the world. However, these should be understood as the continuation of old patterns related to the South Node, which are now to be shed.

 11th house: Sun, Jupiter.

 Sun in the 11th house:

The Sun in the house of protective friends, great projects and social realizations, hopes and wishes.

Creates an attraction towards projects of a certain dimension, and towards realizations that will benefit the entire community.

Powerful help from friends in high positions. Think of seeking them, if you don’t see them around you, for they may not be far at all, and may be willing to support you.

 Jupiter in the 11th house:

This position is classically associated with having influential protective friends: rich and powerful people in high positions with many useful connections. The native has a natural tendency to make friends with people who have a high social standing or status. It can also indicate that the friends (of which the 11th house is the domain) have other characteristics of Jupiter – people who are generous, travel extensively, have a good sense of humor, are entertaining or even entertainers, or deal with the public. Jupiter in the 11th can also mean having a lot of friends, or even being popular and well-known. Jupiter being the guru, it could also mean having friends among highly spiritual people.

In the house of projects, Jupiter tends to make the native attracted to enterprises of a certain dimension. The native wants to make a significant contribution to their community (Jupiter means big). Friends can be of great support in the realization of hopes and projects.

 Uranus in Scorpio the 2nd house:

In the house of earning money, Uranus can bring sudden changes in the financial situation, and thus possibly ups and downs (stability is not Uranus’ forte).

This position could also indicate that the native earns money from Uranus type of activities: working in the field of computers, electronics, telecommunications, innovative technologies – possibly astrology or esotericism. It could also mean earning money in unusual ways.

To make the best out of Uranus in the second, the native should try to use their imagination and inventiveness and technical capabilities to generate money. A brilliant idea might suddenly bring a substantial income.

If Uranus is strong in the chart, watch your financial situation extremely carefully whenever an important transit of (or on) Uranus takes place.

Just between you and me this aspect is a classic aspect of a person who is either bi-sexual or Lesbian…but SO WHAT!

 Neptune in the 3rd house:

In the house of the mind, the qualities of Neptune will manifest in the form of receptivity, great imagination, inspiration, but also a changeable mind, intense dream life if not dreaminess, and fantasy. It is likely there are psychic abilities but these may need to be developed before they can become something more than vague intuitions or sporadic premonitory dreams.

The native can only gain from efforts of organization and systematically fighting vagueness, confusion and lack of clarity. Without transformation work, the Neptunian mind can be very misty at times.

The 3rd being the house of brothers and sisters, there can be Neptunian siblings – dreamers, artistic, sensitive. There can also be a Neptunian way of relating to the siblings: great unity and closeness, or complicated imbroglios taking Neptunian proportions.


Sun:         VIRGO.19°38’58”

Moon:         LIBRA.20°54’32”

Mercury:     LIBRA. 3°39′

Venus:       LEO 4°47′

Mars:         SCORPIO. 9°15′

Jupiter:     VIRGO.20°31′

Saturn:       VIRGO.28°45′

Uranus:       SCORPIO.22°20′

Neptune:     SAGITTARIUS.19°57′

Pluto:       LIBRA.20°30′

North Node:     LEO 19°51′ R

South Node:     AQU.19°51′ R

Black Moon:   LIB.10°19′   (=2nd focus of the Moon’s orbit)

Chiron:       TAURUS.18°01′ R

Part of Fortune: SCORPIO.17°28′

Vertex:     TAURUS. 6°17′

East Point: LIBRA.25°22′

 Placidus Houses:

ASC:LIBRA.16°12′       2:SCORPIO.11°38′       3:SAGITTARIUS.13°43′

IC:CAPRICORN.21°46′       5:AQUARIUS.27°02′       6:PISCES.24°54′

DES:ARIES.16°12′       8:TAURUS.11°38′       9:GEMINI.13°43′

MC:CANCER.21°46′       11:LEO 27°02′       12:VIRGO.24°54′

List of the 50 major aspects found in this chart:

1) conjunction Sun-Jupiter, orb = 00°52′

2) conjunction Sun-Saturn, orb = 09°06′

3) sextile Sun-Uranus, orb = 02°41′

4) square Sun-Neptune, orb = 00°18′

5) trine Sun-Chiron, orb = 01°38′

6) sextile Sun-Midheaven, orb = 02°07′

7) sextile Sun-Part of Fortune, orb = 02°11′

8) sextile Moon-Neptune, orb = 00°58′

9) conjunction Moon-Pluto, orb = 00°25′

10) sextile Moon-North Node, orb = 01°04′

11) trine Moon-South Node, orb = 01°04′

12) conjunction Moon-Ascendant, orb = 04°42′

13) square Moon-Midheaven, orb = 00°51′

14) sextile Mercury-Venus, orb = 01°08′

15) conjunction Mercury-Saturn, orb = 04°54′

16) conjunction Mercury-Black Moon, orb = 06°40′

17) square Venus-Mars, orb = 04°28′

18) sextile Venus-Black Moon, orb = 05°32′

19) opposition Mars-Chiron, orb = 08°46′

20) conjunction Mars-Part of Fortune, orb = 08°13′

21) conjunction Jupiter-Saturn, orb = 08°14′

22) sextile Jupiter-Uranus, orb = 01°49′

23) square Jupiter-Neptune, orb = 00°34′

24) trine Jupiter-Chiron, orb = 02°30′

25) sextile Jupiter-Midheaven, orb = 01°14′

26) sextile Jupiter-Part of Fortune, orb = 03°03′

27) square Uranus-North Node, orb = 02°29′

28) square Uranus-South Node, orb = 02°29′

29) opposition Uranus-Chiron, orb = 04°19′

30) trine Uranus-Midheaven, orb = 00°34′

31) conjunction Uranus-Part of Fortune, orb = 04°52′

32) sextile Neptune-Pluto, orb = 00°33′

33) trine Neptune-North Node, orb = 00°06′

34) sextile Neptune-South Node, orb = 00°06′

35) sextile Neptune-Ascendant, orb = 03°45′

36) sextile Pluto-North Node, orb = 00°39′

37) trine Pluto-South Node, orb = 00°39′

38) conjunction Pluto-Ascendant, orb = 04°17′

39) square Pluto-Midheaven, orb = 01°16′

40) square North Node-Chiron, orb = 01°50′

41) sextile North Node-Ascendant, orb = 03°39′

42) square North Node-Part of Fortune, orb = 02°23′

43) square South Node-Chiron, orb = 01°50′

44) trine South Node-Ascendant, orb = 03°39′

45) square South Node-Part of Fortune, orb = 02°23′

46) conjunction Black Moon-Ascendant, orb = 05°53′

47) sextile Chiron-Midheaven, orb = 03°44′

48) opposition Chiron-Part of Fortune, orb = 00°33′

49) square Ascendant-Midheaven, orb = 05°33′

50) trine Midheaven-Part of Fortune, orb = 04°18′




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