(Mar 21st-April 20th)

Aries is a cardinal-fire sign, the positive sign of Mars and the exaltation of the Sun.

Aries represents the primal outburst to start the energy of spring that manifests life. It is characterized by extreme activity, daring, especially physical. There is unlimited energy, to make things happy, love of enterprise and adventure. There is a quick, decided temper that defends against any opposition or restraint.

In positive types the courage and vigor are devoted to sensible and useful ends. They may do a lot as a reformer or advocate of the weak.

Just like the battering, battling ram, Aries lives life head first with a headstrong nature. Challenges are not something for them to shy away from they accept them and welcome them with open arms.  Arians are often seen as courageous, responsible leaders.

Aries energy has natural leadership qualities.

Negatively: Recklessness and arrogance are your worst traits. You can also become violent when roused.

In negative types, you are quarrelsome, look for a fight, will not compromise, and see only your own point of view. The daring becomes foolhardiness, and there is an entire lack of common cautiousness and foresight. There are disastrous outbreaks of temper and feats of empty bravado. You are liable to be victimized by anyone who cares to get a rise out of you by challenges and dares.

Aries rarely looks before it leaps, and there are few people of this sign who do not, at some time or another, do foolish and short-sighted things.  The mind is often quick and able to deal with concrete things, and is essentially a sign of action. Aries ignores theoretical considerations, you’re like to rely impulsively on the inspiration of the moment to see things through.

This energy makes a good advocate, but a poor judge, for they find impartiality difficult.


Aries love to be the leaders, and don’t care for following someone else.  Welcoming challenges, if Aries don’t get results quickly enough, they may quickly move on to the next challenge. They are also quick to abandon a cause if they questioned about their leadership skills. Aries are very good at beginning tasks, but often may leave projects unfinished.

The energy and aggressiveness that makes Aries such great leaders can also work against them. Their tendency to be argumentative and headstrong. Their quick temper may fire up from time to time and are often known to hold grudges.

Likely occupations:

People of this sign tend to master the art of persuasion so skilfully that they can often land any job at any time. Even in times of economic depression. They know how to convince recruiters that they are fit for the job. The reason they are so good at convincing people is that most people of this sign have such strong confidence in their abilities. They don’t doubt their ability to execute tasks. They can be attracted to military professions, engineering projects, the police or fire department. Any work which requires the control of fire and metals. Aries makes excellent diplomats, negotiators, international businessmen and salesmen or do a good job at anything that requires a lot of business trips and traveling

 Body Parts Ruled By Aries

Head, brain, and eyes – Aries can be prone to headaches and injuries to their head. They can have issues with fevers and are vulnerable to stress-related ailments. Because Aries rules the brain, they may be susceptible to mental problems, but their determination and fire energy helps them recover more quickly than less energetic signs.



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