(May 22nd-June 21st)

Gemini is an airy or intellectual sign, and is ruled by Mercury. It is the sign connected with the concrete mind. The part of the mind that deals with logic, facts and figures and not ideals and experiments. It is the sign of reason and logic. Geminians excel all others in their ability to grasp conceptions clearly and logically.

You have plenty of ingenuity, versatility and general resourcefulness. This provides an ever-present power of invention that must find an outlet of some kind. Intellectual and clever, and with a keen interest in life and what goes on around you, you learn rapidly.

Gemini dislikes hazy or sentimental thinking, leading to loose or inaccurate conclusions. While able to deal with abstractions, and usually interested in literature and art. They are always capable of examining things from the rational standpoint and without any emotional bias. They are more matter-of-fact then sentimental, and admire and like the brain and its cleverness. They are nearly always mentally active and are quick at repartee. They are a bright and energetic conversationalist, good debater, and keen at argument. They have mental vivacity and agility.

The faults of this sign are a lack of concentration and the tendency to take on to many projects and enterprises. This causes them to have “too may irons in the fire,” and leave things unfinished. Only when this diffuse tendency is overcome can they make the most out of they fine intellectual processes.

There is a lack of decision and a good deal of wavering and a difficulty in making up your mind. Gemini often excels in detail, and many lose themselves in it, failing to “see the wood on account of the trees.”

Emotionally there is a distinct tendency towards egoism, hardness, and selfishness. Gemini people are usually too mental to develop warm feelings from the heart. Even if the rest of the chart shows generosity of feeling, it cannot manifest freely and easily through Gemini. There is often too great a liking for introspection, with resultant self-centeredness and discontent. There is sometimes frivolousness and a lack of respect for people or things that are generally taken seriously.

Under severe afflictions there may be deceit, untruthfulness, or dishonesty.

Physically Gemini is very active, the limbs, eyes, and expression being in constant change. They are restless as any dual sign is and change often, seldom settling down. In many respects they resemble children and keep their youth for longer than most. They often dislike old people, but at the same time, are not very fond of young children. Gemini can make bad mothers or nurses, due to their highly strung nervous system.

They use books and written things, and make excellent clerks, teachers and students.

Body Parts Ruled By Gemini

Hands, arms, shoulders, and lungs – Geminis are susceptible to strains involving the arms and shoulders. They may be prone to respiratory illnesses.

Likely occupations:

Journalist, translator, public relations, accounting, the teaching profession, literary, linguistic or secretarial work, or any interesting place that requires mental dexterity.

Their happiest days are those spent at school or college, where they easily excel and hold their own.

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