(July 24th-Aug 23rd)

The sign Leo is a fixed quality, and belongs to the fire element, being ruled by the Sun.

  Leo is probably the sign of the Zodiac that possesses the greatest amount of power, using that word in the wildest of sense. Physically there is usually great vitality, also with an ability to fight off disease. The same characteristic applies equally to the mental and emotional natures. There is usually some degree of ambition and a firm will. Leo’s have considerable persistence, we seldom find the nature of Leo occupying an obscure position. The inherent ability of the sign makes it move upward and forward until it has achieved a position of prominence and authority. Even though the person may not have any special talent they still have the ability to gain in status likeability and position.

If, however, the chart shows real mental acuteness and judgment the person will go far. Few “born leaders” are without a strong solar influence, either through the Sun itself, or its sign, or both. Leo never likes to work in corners; its destiny is to come to the front, deal with large issues, and leave drudgery and detail to others. It possesses all the gifts of the born commander, and produces people with whom others readily respect and obey.

Usually denial and often democratic in theory, its methods are nearly always autocratic. The tendency to delegate work is very strong in nearly all Leos. In positive types the Leo himself always remains, not a mere figure-head, but a real director and inspirational motivator.

Naturally in the negative types, this characteristic is easily perverted. The kind of person who tries to win praise for himself for what has been done by humbler members of the zodiac working under him. Known as the tyrant not the natural leader.

The Leonian is temperamentally good-natured, obliging, and often even devotedly affectionate. There can be an element of patronage that creeps into their attitude towards others. While making a good and open-handed master, there is often little inclination to regard others as equals. Independent signs find these people irritating in their attitude towards them. On the other hand, weak and clinging signs find them a tower of help and strength. They are always ready to pour out life, courage, and confidence from its own abundant resources.

The faults of the sign are those common to weak natures highly placed. They can develop vanity, are easy flattered, surround themselves with their favorites. They can aim at show and not merit, and become assuming, snobbish, and worldly. They can be patronizing, conceited, intolerant, pompous, self-indulgent and tyrannical – but only sometimes. Interesting that with these negative traits they still seem to be a likeable sort of person.

Promising much and achieving little. There may be secret meanness beneath an appearance of pompous self-satisfaction.

Body Parts Ruled By Leos

Back, spine, and the heart – Leos often suffer from back pain and spine ailments. These can be caused by exertion or emotional stress.

Leo Keywords: Confident – Ambitious – Generous – Loyal – Encouraging Leo Weakness Keywords: – Pretentious – Domineering – Melodramatic – Stubborn – Vain

Likely Occupations

Leo is well-suited to any career in which assertiveness, charm, and warmth are important for success. Actor, motivational speaker, executive posts in almost any capacity, e.g. Government work, the legal profession, or any business dealing with gold or jewelry

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