(Sept 24th-Oct 23th)

Libra is the positive sign of Venus and the exaltation of Saturn, and is a cardinal air sign.

The sign Libra has the outstanding characteristics of love and harmony, justice, and sympathy for pain and suffering. There is a highly developed sense of beauty. Libra is very sociable and companionable; they seldom lead separate lives. Libra is always found doing their best work and achieving most happiness when associated with others. Libra is the relationship sign, marriage or some sort of partnership, such as a close friendship. They are affable, courteous, obliging, and very rarely are guilty of a want to injure others.

At the same time they are not fond of rough, ugly or dirty conditions. Libra does not care to expose themselves to the more sordid aspects of life, so that they are fitted for work that involves pleasant conditions and associations.

Their temper is even and equable, and if ruffled subsides readily. They never bear malice; in fact, the memory is inclined to be short, and there is readiness on all occasions to forgive and forget. They find a disturbed or quarrelsome atmosphere hard to support. They compromise and not face prolonged discord. They may seem shallow and insincere.

In evolved types there is plenty of Venus energy for sweetness and spirituality. Even the most unevolved types can generally respond to better things when an opportunity is given. In many cases there is a marked longing for escape from worldly conditions. There may be a good deal of hidden unhappiness for “the grind” or roughness or hardship of day-to-day life.

They are rarely extreme in their views and are impartial; and are valuable as go-between and emissaries of peace and harmony.

The attraction for the opposite sex is usually very noticeable.

The faults here are those of weakness and compliancy. They find it hard to say “no”, or to take a firm attitude in the face of hostility. Libra tends to avoid unpleasantness at all costs. So they compromise too much, “sit on the fence” and waver from one view to another. Libra has a problem committing themselves to any one course. They are often lazy, and, while high types dress tastefully and well, the primitive ones may be slovenly and careless. They cannot act on their own responsibility, but instinctively seek a partner.

They have a tendency to go through extreme experiences and with mood swings due to the tipping of the scales. They experience the upper and lower end of the scales in regard to experiences in life. This ultimately gives them their view of how to bring balance into situations.

One very unfortunate situation for the Libra child is to be brought up in a family which is severe emotional problems, causing the rest of the life compulsively redressing this misdirection.

The Sun in Libra differs widely from Libra rising and is more energetic. It is also an energy with an inclination to fight or quarrel and even for warfare.  This is common in the horoscopes of generals, public debaters, and propagandists.

Body Parts Ruled by Libra

Lower back, buttocks, and kidneys – Libras are susceptible to problems in the lumbar area and may be prone to kidney infections and kidney stones.

Likely Occupations

interior decorator, mediator, guidance counselor. The art dealer, beautician are the law and all the professions allied with it, drama and the arts. Any work requiring diplomacy and good judgment, finance and banking, or architecture.

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