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Pisces is the negative sign of Jupiter, with strong affinity to Neptune, and the exaltation of Venus

Pisces Strength Keywords: Compassionate, Adaptable, Accepting, Devoted, Imaginative

Pisces Weakness Keywords: Oversensitive, Indecisive, Self-pitying, Lazy, escapism

Pisces is the most negative and plastic of the signs, and it seldom possesses a very strong personal character. Pisces morphs largely into the thoughts and feelings of those with whom it comes into contact. Hence, it is, above all, the actor’s sign, giving great ability to absorb and express the emotions of others. The imagination is extremely active, as in all watery signs, and the life is often lived in the imaginative and not the real world. The sign is often prominent in the talents of writers, poets, and artists. One great gift is your ability for interpreting abstract ideas. You have the capability of taking an idea and transforming it into something everyone can appreciate and understand. 

The religious/spiritual nature is often highly developed. They are very sympathetic and empathic, and the sign is attracted to the needy and sick and all those who need help, always favoring the underdog. It may at times cause this person to be connected with prisons, hospitals, asylums, or other refuges and institutions of a like description. Attracted monasteries, and other places of a solitude and seclusion.

There is usually abundant affection for animals and love of the sea.

Pisceans are commonly jovial and convivial and make entertaining companions. They vary from the highest to the lowest spirits, and are equally ready to help others and themselves to apply for help. Unmethodical, and devoid of worldly wisdom of logic. A large proportion of life’s waifs are born under this sign. Pisces has also undoubtedly produced some of the most spiritual characters in history. Lost in illusion or founded in truth for the more evolved Piscean.

They are as a rule their own worst enemies, and, though not violent or cruel. Pisces is capable of deceiving both itself and others, and produces negative examples of hypocrisy, especially of the religious kind. You become easily confused, giving way for the sake of peace and harmony.

Drugs have a great fascination for many Pisceans, who seem to crave emotional and physical stimulation. Their physicality is by no means strong and indulgence in this direction generally produces a rapid downfall. It is therefore, above all, necessary that they should carefully avoid developing habits of drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes the affinity between Pisces and drugs appears as an interest in chemistry, especially from the medicinal point of view.

Body Parts Ruled By Pisces

Feet – Pisces tend to have beautiful feet, but they are susceptible to problems such as aches, bunions, and corns. Pisces should avoid shoes that do not fit correctly.

Likely Occupations

Jobs in entertainment and similar arts, any of the medical professions, occupations to do with the sea, literary and public work. Professions to do with philosophy or religion, or any work demanding imagination and creative ability.

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