(October 24th-November 22nd)


Scorpio is the negative sign of Mars, and is a fixed water element.

Scorpio is dominated by an intense emotional nature. As a matter of fact there is nothing about Scorpio energy that isn’t intense. No sign has more profound and enduring feelings, due to the fixidity of Scorpio these become set. The result that in evolved types there is unwavering devotion to principles, deep sympathy, and true understanding.

A good question to ask yourself is “Are you in control of your emotions or are your emotions in control of you?”

In lesser evolved types, where the moral standard is low or uncertain, there is a a host of dangerous feelings that may appear. Bitterness, dislikes or hatreds, often nourished for a lifetime. Extreme sensitiveness to imagined hurts or injustices, resentments, suspicions, and furious anger. Scorpios of this kind are very prone to think themselves undervalued or invisible, and to relieve their feelings on these issues there can be constant boasting. There may be treachery, cruelty, and vengefulness. Sometimes these negative traits appear in childhood, but die out with proper emotional upbringing or self-help.

There are nearly always strong affections, and great care should be taken in teaching a Scorpio child. There intense emotional nature should not be ruined either by emotional over indulgence on the one hand, or harshness on the other. The physical endurance is great, but the emotional nature needs careful treatment.

This energy is investigative, involving or attending to every detail or aspect of something, which creates a drawing towards the person. There is usually courage, and also energy and capacity for toil in the pursuit of any aim which claims the person’s devotion. As a result many heroes have been born under this sign, as well as many notable villains. They do nothing in half measures, and having once selected their path in life, pursue it relentlessly.

In lesser evolved types there may be reckless self-indulgence and in evolved ones intense devotion. The powerful feelings constantly tempt the person, and few Scorpio’s pass through this life without having run the full gamut of temptation. They can get very involved in the sensuous physical plane. Self-control and self-denial are the chief virtues that they need to develop.

The positive types are noticeably dignified and endowed with self-respect and a humble sort of pride. Scorpio is often grave and restrained in their speech and demeanor, and do not readily compromise.

It is an energy that often gives inclination towards some form of mysticism or occultism. There is an inner secret want to be some sort of Mystic. There is a natural tendency towards uncovering what is secret and hidden, and a love of probing mysteries and getting to the bottom of things.

Body Parts Ruled by Scorpio

The genitals – because the genitals rule them, Scorpios are susceptible to venereal disease and urinary infections. Due to their explosive emotions they may also suffer from fatigue and bad health.

Likely Occupations

Scorpio is well-suited to any career in which ambition, sharp insight, and intelligence are important. Anything to do with the law, police work, surgery, chemistry and similar fields. Military professions, detective work, inspectors, and investigators of all kinds, hypnotist, sex therapist and domanatrix.

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