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Taurus is the negative sign of Venus and exaltation of the Moon. Fixed Earth-slow and steady.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the bull. If one word could be used to describe a Taurus, it would be dependable. Taurus is one of the fixed signs, meaning that Taurus’s do not like changes and are FIXED in their thinking and habits. New ways and ideas create diss-ease and anxiety in a Taurus. Don’t try to push a Taurus into anything new – they will back off and show the stubbornness and disinterest in their facial expressions.

Because Taurus’s themselves dislike any changes and disruptions in life, this may be why they are very patient with others. They have a steadiness about them that seems to draw others in.

Ruled by Venus and the house of values, love, earned income, possessions, and wealth, Taurus loves to feel secure.

This is in most respects the opposite of Aries. It is slow, careful, steady, practical, reliable, and reserved. It tends to inertia, and is often lazy, sensuous and selfish. It is easily contented, and enjoys the simple things in life, especially those of a rural nature. This energy is motherly, homely, and protective.

On the negative side, your love of ease can make you self-indulgent and lazy at times. A too-conservative way can get you stuck in a rut, and make your life dull and routine. On your off-days, you can be mean, argumentative and critical.

In business it is conservative, and like safe and well-tried methods. In positive types there is much patience, perseverance, firmness, and determination. These are often negative and passive virtues, and the person will do little without a definite positive stimulus.

Taurus makes a good administrator, and can keep order and discipline easily. There is usually a high sense of moral principles, especially in all matters about money. The temper is peaceable and not easily roused, but once provoked Taurus can be violent and unrelenting.

There is a good sense of color and tune, and this sign produces many fine singers. Otherwise it tends to agricultural pursuits, businesses connected with clothing, confectionery, or jewelry, or artist professions, notably acting.

They seem more at home in the country than the town.

Taurus is Stable

Taurus’s look for stability in almost all aspects of life – their home life, love, occupation, and friends. They are often most happy in the safety and security of their home. They excel at being collectors, and take great pride in their collections. They have a keen eye for antiques and elegant objects. They have rich tastes, material items comfort them and make them a sense of protection.

Venus also brings out the host or hostess in a Taurus as they love to entertain. They relish in eating good food and quality wine in stylish surroundings. They find inspiration in art, music, and design. Part of the good life to a Taurus is being able to pamper themselves.

The above description is based upon traditional accounts of the sign; but I have also found many people of Taurus to conform much more nearly to the purely Venus type, being gentle, affectionate, sensitive and cultured.

Parts of the Body Ruled By Taurus

Neck and throat – Positive side, many Taurus’s have beautiful voices. Negative side, they are susceptible to colds, laryngitis, thyroid problems, sore throats.

Likely Occupations

Anything associated with agriculture, executive, chef, politician, businesses connected with clothing, confectionery, or jewelry, or artist professions, banker, architect, interior designer, acting.

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