virgo VIRGO

(Aug 23rd-Sept 22rd)

This is the negative sign of Mercury, and is mutable-earth

Its keyword may be said to be practical mentality, or the brain applied to concrete matters. Although usually artistic and literary, and gifted with considerable taste. Virgoians seldom lack appreciation of the day-to-day acts of life. Virgo is generally careful in money matters, and have sound commercial instinct. They are neat, methodical, precise and without regard for show and pretentiousness, preferring to judge and be judges by results. They take pride in their work, if it is at all congenial to them.

As a rule they like to be left alone to carry out their tasks in peace and quiet. Their abilities are great for all work requiring good mental powers, conscientiousness, and attention to detail. They make excellent secretaries, or subordinates of any kind, but do not often assume control, a dislike for responsibility on a large-scale. Virgo avoids the limelight and self-advertisement. They are often shy and retiring. In making new friends, they are particularly nit pickers about whom they hang with socially.

They usually have skill in manual craftsmanship, and either for a livelihood or a hobby cultivate such things as carving, metal-work, clock-making, or engineering. They are also often literary and have unusual humor and wit. Gardening also attracts them, and another characteristic is a marked interest in matters related to health, diet and hygiene.

Virgo is preeminently a sign of criticism and discrimination, especially in regards as to details. The common fall of this sign is the outcome of this tendency. They may be chronic fault-finders, cantankerous, and prejudiced. Narrow in their views, worried over trivial things, highly strung, inhibited and unable to relax.

This results in being unpopular with those who misunderstand their nature. Their love of method also leads to fussiness and immersion to detail. Their refinement may develop into prudery and lack of charity towards the warmer blooded signs. At the same time many Natives of Virgo are notably kind and ready to assist those who they recognize as friends. A sense of harmony comes from doing something useful, preferably a service for others.


Virgos are very critical of themselves, and then have the tendency to be as overly critical of others . They can be seen as petty and are often skeptical of others ideas. They are worriers, which may turn them into hypochondriacs. Their constant need for perfection can wear on others nerves as well.

Body Parts Ruled by Virgo

The nervous system and intestines – Virgos may find they are susceptible to stress and nervous tension, this in turn can cause ulcers.

Likely Occupations

Virgo is well-suited to any career in which thoroughness, attention to detail, and efficiency are required. Tax auditor, nutritionist, naturopath, systems analyst, technician.

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