Having had two previous enlightenment experiences. One while studying under a Zen Master and the other while studying under a Hindu from the Himalayas.

I feel I am able to explain this experience in a reasonable manner. However, one must remember, it is difficult to explain a right brain experience with left brain communication techniques.

In October of 2009 I decided once again it was time to step up my meditation practice. I started with an apple detox, eating a minimum of 6 apples a day and drinking 100 ounces of spring water.

This always seems to get me into a higher gear as I prepare to do a personal spiritual retreat at home. Combined with no TV, Radio, Music, or Media of any kind. Like running in to me instead of away from me.

I started with two 1 hour periods of meditation a day. I have recently adapted to what is called the Egyptian chair pose, instead of using cushions on the floor. Sitting in a chair with back erect but not against the back of the chair. This is because I do not want to pinch even slightly the channels where energy flows up the spine.

I decided on a new form of meditation for me, which was coming intuitively. Just sit do not move a finger, an eyelid, a toe or in other words no movement allowed as if someone had a gun to my head and said if you move your dead.

I found this helps focusing because you then are not aware of anything other than your thoughts, because that is all that can move.

Now thoughts are like guests they check in and they check out, so what I am looking for are the spaces in between those guests. It is imperative that I do not use any negative terms to add to the energy of those DAMN THOUGHTS, I’M THINKING AGAIN.

In a few days I notice, hey I’m empty, my body feels like a hollow statue and there is this total awareness of everything but not one thought in my brain.

This feeling was new, unique, and then there was bliss, peace quiet and with a larger awareness. My thinking busy mind had stopped totally, and completely. There was a big presence an awareness of the totality of me that could see the little presence that was what I was, before this moment.

A few days later, a repeat of the same experience brought me to a dot that turned into a star. I then followed that star into swirling black hole, tunnel type vortex, where I would experience short visits and hear into different dimensions. A few days later again I was through the black hole and ended up o the other side and was in a cave where J.C. was standing. These were my first feelings, “why”? I did not expect to see him because I was not looking for him. A bit shocked the experience ended here.

Key=no expectations is a key to enlightenment.

The next day I went back thru the tunnel, and there he was again in the cave but pointing his left arm to an exit into the light. I went into the light, the next thing I remember was walking down stairs from the sky back to Earth. The synchronicity for the next week was almost a comedy, I would wake up in the morning, with something on my mind and the phone would ring and that person would start a conversation about what was on my mind.

This was happening all day long for about a week. I decided I better ground myself a bit so I went out and had a cheeseburger, it worked, things went back to normal. And that may have been a bit of a mistake.

Since then I had the urge to turn into a vegetarian. I also began meditating easily 2 hours, then 3 and now 4 hours a day. I had a difficult time tracking down an experience such as this, but I found it. It appears to be a marked experience on the path in a lot of traditions of spirituality.

The Taoists call it the “Crystal Cave” and the Hindus call it the “Cave Of Brahma” etc, but you pass though the black hole to get there. And this is what that means. “The brain becomes like a temple where the Enlightenment consciousness awakens. This awakening of Enlightenment is seated in the pineal gland, the Cave of Brahma, the House of God, where the Enlightened state becomes activated and anchored.

That means that this state of Enlightenment now becomes permanent, and you can begin to experience God as both form and formless. You may also realize that you have never been separate from the Great Mahavakya, I AM THAT I AM. Even though your mind and emotions may seem separate, you begin to realize that no one can ever really separate themselves from Spirit.”

A quote by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath See a video of this experience at:


View this video which was part of my experience and expand your own mind!

Free detailed instructions on HOW TO OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE.



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