Rich began looking for his life purpose by studying Astrology.

life purpose

In 1985 after being told by several Astrologers  “Your life purpose is to be a Professional Astrologer.”

  With the use of Astrology, Rich was able to find his Psychic, Mediumship, Clairvoyant and Intuitive abilities and put them into practice.

  He Studied Past Life Regression under Best Selling Author, Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters).

Rich continued to broaden his awareness of the soul’s journey and life purpose. 

His voracious passion for Astrology and SOUL QUESTING, led him to become a full time astrologer.

Mastering the skill of decoding one’s birth chart to aid others in navigating to and through their soul’s journey and life purpose.

Rich has Virgo on the 12th House cusp which means his KARMA is work and service to others to relieve their karma.

Having been identified as a Tibetan Buddhist Monk in previous incarnations his mission is to teach how to complete the cycle of human incarnation.

Rich has been a guest Astrologer on many radio shows. On 12/12/12 he revealed the truth about the Mayan Calendar date.

“Removing the Mystery of 12/21/12”

Rich can share with you the perfection and very skillful organization of your universe and guide you to your highest choices, as each step of your life purpose is literally written in the stars.


Learn To Love Life

Rich Kiskiel



I would highly recommend Rich for your Astrology needs.  I’ve had several Astrologers over the years, but they have never gone to the depth that Rich’s work does.  Through his understanding of the energies of the stars and the planets he has been able to tell me how I’m feeling at a given time. As well as what I need to work on in myself, and what other issues I may have brought into this lifetime to heal.  I have never received information like this from any other Astrologer before.  I am amazed at the information which I have received.  It has all been of tremendous help for me as I’ve moved forward in my life. 

Rich has also predicted a number of important events he saw coming up in my life. This has assisted me through some major transitions at the time.  While working with him I felt a tremendous amount of compassion, empathy, and personal understanding for what was going on for me .  He is also very in touch with a strong Psychic ability which enhanced his work with me.

Pamela Marie Edmunds

Pamela Marie Edmunds

ThetaHealing Practitioner/Teacher, Certified Medium, Hypnotherapist, Integrated Energy Therapist, Meditation teacher, Lightarian AngelLinks Facilitator, Usui Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, Lightarian Reiki Practitioner/Teacher. I am also the Host of “The Pamela Marie Edmunds Show; Tools for Personal Healing” which airs on Blog Talk Radio Network Wednesdays at 7 PM EST and “Bridge Between Two Worlds” Radio show on Blog Talk Radio Network Wednesdays at 9 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio Network.



  1. Over the 17 or so years I’ve known Rich, I have come to him a multitude of times to get a clear picture of what the planets were trying to tell me. Believe me, my questions or situations are rarely run of the mill. Rich has time and again given me exactly the information I needed to be able to discern what to do next. He is always able to pinpoint just what transits or influences to watch out for and his accuracy is uncanny!!! I don’t endorse just anyone but I DO endorse Rich. If you are ready to hear, he’ll tell you.

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