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Almost all people go through life having no knowledge of their root core issues and primary fears how they manifest and what to do about them.

These issues if not addressed will constantly cause a person to act out and overcompensate in the house opposite the BLACK MOON. 

Freedom from emotional bondage comes from being able to have no one cause you at any time to act out in a way that disturbs you.

One of my favorite sayings in life is: “Are you in control of your emotions or are your emotions in control of you?

Not many of us will realize that this statement exists never mind if asked it of ourselves.

I would say we are at a stage in human evolution where we are not able to discuss emotional core issues and primary without  assistance from someone who has, done it.

Some of us are always put here to lead the next generation into new beginnings of exploration into many things including the human psyche.

So if you are not seeking emotional freedom it is not going to find you!


The reason why we have potholes in the road of life, revolves around our not addressing root core issue sand  primary fears. Usually we don’t even know, what they are? And if we did, what to do with them. We can look at events as crises or gifts for our growth. Few people have the ability to CHOOSE to look at them as gifts. It is a higher state of consciousness that needs to be achieved. Core issues, primary fears report is a way to definitely aid in changing your perspective on anything with life’s path.

So through Astrology these core issues, primary fears  will be explained for you in detail. Then what???  Your job is to catch yourself in the act of seeing these issues in your behavior while it is happening. We all have to do work on our personality attributes and under nourished parts of ourselves as well. With this method it becomes a change of perception and played like a fun game.

Without taking an interest in these core issues, primary fears the result is they will just keep affecting your behavior. Every time a transit of a planet connects to either a NATAL planet or point in the Chart it will trigger an emotional acting out.

You might not believe that an emotional outburst is seen through a birth chart, so ponder this.

Science tells us when a sunspot will happen and then they also tell us how and when that energy is going to affect us here on Earth. So if you will be open to the Birth Blueprint being a model of the solar system then all you have to do is be able to read it. Keep in mind also that time itself was created by the movement of the stars. So your birth chart actually becomes the personal time clock for your life.

If the core issues, primary fears are not transformed you’ll hear people say things like this. “I am always still picking the same type of partner a loser.”  Or “my life is going around in circles.” “Do you believe in Deja Vu?”

This is because they are not changing and magnetically they attract the same things, energy attracts energy. If you want to change; you have to change things. So you’ll need to raise your vibrational energetic level to attract to you what you want at THAT level. Which cannot be the same partner or same events or same problems on the job over and over, year after.

When the core issues, primary fears change, your energy becomes more refined. It is no longer a coarse energy as it was before to attract coarse energetic events in your life anymore. Once you LEARN the lesson you do not need that type of energy again. But if you are not looking to learn, then those circles keep you hanging on to old energy patterns always attracting the same things.

This is why the book and movie “The Secret” was huge a couple of  years ago and then died a quick death.It failed to mention that you cannot ask for things and just get them. The energy YOU are needs to be positive or you will not attract positive things. If you go back to a negative life day after day you will manifest that same negative life day after day.

It only works if the emotional charge behind your INTENTION matches the energy that is supposed to manifest what you want. It needs, to come from a positive place of respect and love of oneself and for honoring this magical Universe we live in. Your energy needs more refinement to attract better circumstances. You cannot wish for something positive and then live a negative life and expect to manifest positive things.

So the KEY is to see and name core issues and primary fears as though it’s a game of hide and seek. Then when the energies are no longer hidden from you by catching yourself in the act in a positive mind frame the negative template begins to dissolve. You can actually feel this at it is happening. It feels like electrical circuits making connections to new places inside of you. Your mind gets better at recognizing these behaviors in yourself and others so you continually become MORE conscious.

Never look at any of the issues in a negative way. Look at them as WOW, and imagine the lesson behind this and what you will learn and where it will take you, when you no longer need it. Does that mean when you no longer need a lesson it no longer will appear in your life? Yes!

A negative view of anything strengthens the negative issue, so keep it at a positive type of GAME level, “I’m going to catch all my negative thinking patterns, and I will be victorious.” Then this eventually unveils your hidden gifts. Catching yourself in the act is the way this will work because that is when the energy is there to enable it to be transformed.

As the Transiting (the current position) of a core issue planetary combination comes within 3 degrees of a Natal placement, it becomes ACTIVATED. Then I  am giving you an opportunity to become aware of the issue beginning to manifest. Here you can use your awareness to begin to see the start of the issue. The date will be shown in your report as (Start Date) for that transit..

This is an opportunity to become aware before you would without these details. So what do they say? Forewarned is forearmed! Now you will have the opportunity to do something you normally would not do, because you would not know. This is having the opportunity to be ready before someone who pushes your buttons or causes a crisis.

You will be given the EXACT STARTING DATE which begins 3 degrees before a transiting planet contacts a natal planet or special Natal point. I then tell you what the issue will be and it’s possible worst case scenario. Then I supply you with the EXACT ending date and what the lesson will have taught you and what is THE GIFT: of the lesson is. 

This will show you exactly how SUPERBLY the Universe is organized because of the fact that the timing will be precise. Thus you will be more open to the reason of free will and how to begin to use it to manifest what you wish to create. That is part of my mission and this has been tested with many of my clients and friends. You will surely be amazed.

You will be given 2 YEARS of upcoming dates where you can prepare yourself not get fired, abandoned or confronted etc. without knowing beforehand what and when and how the crisis will appear.

I believe it was in “The Sermon On The Mount” by Emmet Fox where he said “Evil begins in the minds of those who KNOW they have work to do on themselves and they do not do it.” Interesting statement.

This report will be between 20 to 30 pages depending how active your next 2 year cycle is. It is a tedious report for me to do because I have to look at every day in your life for 2 years. And then type it all up. This report can transform your entire thinking which in turn will change your entire outer life.

Love Life





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