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Your birth chart shows your abilities as well as your difficulties and what you need to do in this incarnation. It will show how you deal with your body, money and possessions, everyday routines, work, health, relationships your spiritual search etc. The list is literally endless due to the infinite principles of the universe, however the information becomes available when you take a close look.

In answering the question what is a progressed chart. This chart shows how you are developing over time and what the concentrated energies are at the time period chosen for the chart now or in the future. This chart is indicative of the challenges and events seen in about the next 5 year period. It will also show the changes that took place as growth in your personality as you mature.

The Progressed Chart Sun’s Position

Using the method called secondary progressions, the Sun will move at a rate of about one degree of the zodiac per year. So let’s say you were born on March 21st which happens is the 1st day of Aries or 00 degrees Aries.

Since all Zodiac signs have 30 degrees the first day of Aries being 00 degrees and the last day of Aries being 29 degrees. This accounts for why all signs have 30 degrees X 12 Signs = 360 degrees or a complete circle. 

This means if you are 30 years old your progressed Sun is at 29 degrees Aries. When you turn 31 your progressed Sun will change signs going into 00 degrees Taurus. When the progressed Sun changes signs is presents you with a uniquely rare opportunity to reboot your life and start towards a new direction. Using Taurean energy (what you value, money property, love) as the focus of life you would see a higher concentration of your time and energy producing results in these areas.

This method is one of the more accurate ways to make predictions.

The Progressed Moon moves about 1 degree per month and 13 degrees per year and passes through a sign of the zodiac in about 2.5 years. This means it takes 28 years for the Progressed Moon to travel through all 12 signs.

The position of the current Progressed Chart Moon by sign and house/sector show where you will be very emotionally invested now.

The Moon symbolizes emotional cycles and patterns in daily life, so the Progressed Moon tells us basically what will be the chatter in the back of our minds daily. What we will be feeling and thinking as like a planned thought process of what to worry about that is important. Its meaning will be determined by the position of the Progressed Moon’s house and the Progressed Moon’s sign. The planets shows us what, the signs show us how and the houses show us where.

When planets in your birth chart begin connecting to the Progressed Charts Moon’s degree to make an aspect, the matters ruled by that natal planet are magnified. This is your life for a two-month period, one month as moving towards the exact aspect, and one month moving away from it. This allows you, when you think about it to focus and concentrate on what a real issue/concern is in your blueprint.

If we use Mercury as an example as it progresses into the first House, then we begin a cycle where expressing our own perspectives and views on our taking a stand in life using the art of communicating as our tool.

So the result of finding out what is a progressed chart is that the current priorities in your life become very clear as you see that the actions taken by you for this cycle is exactly what the chart is saying. This is another way to understand and experience the remarkable organizing principles of the universe. And astrology’s ability to help you organize and prioritize your life.

Without a map of our energies in life we would not have the conscious knowledge and mental stability of knowing what is important for us to pay attention to now.



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