Saturn Your Teacher saturn your teacher

Saturn your teacher in the sign of Sagittarius through December 20th 2017.

Saturn went into the sign of Sagittarius on Dec 23rd 2014 and leaves on December 20th 2017.

Saturn represents “Duty and responsibility is the dam that holds the mind in check.”

Therefore there is in the Natal chart where we find Saturn in a House where we experience specific karmic duties and responsibilities which serve to help us develop our minds and desires. This discipline in turn helps us to take responsibility for our own actions, desires, and involvements in this House area. This discipline may for some time be experienced as frustration or inhibition. Every counselor or psychotherapist should know, frustration can be therapeutic in that it throws the person back on himself for introspection. This in turn gives them the opportunity to develop an inner strength by drawing on their deeper inner resources. These resources may at times be hidden but are always there to be tapped, if a person is introspective and open.

Many spiritual and religious traditions, place great emphasis on the seven year cycles of Saturn. They see this in relation to physical growth, psychological development, spiritual evolution and world events. The Edgar Cayce readings are filled with references to these seven year cycles especially in relations to health problems. According to his readings human beings can change almost anything that they truly desire to change, physically mentally and spiritually with a cycle of seven years. This truly shows that evolution is not a quick smooth process but slow and somewhat chaotic.

Quote from Edgar Cayce

“For, have ye not heard how constantly there is the change, and that the body has in a seven year cycle reproduced itself entirely? No need for anyone, then, to have any disturbance over that length of period. If by common sense there would be care taken. But if your mind holds on to the condition, and you have a stumped toe, it will stay stumped! If you’ve got a bad condition in your gizzard or liver, you’ll keep it if you think so!

But the body the physical, the mental and spiritual, will remove same, if ye will let it and not hold on to the disturbance.

If an anatomical or pathological study made for the period of seven years (which is a cycle of change in all the body elements) of one that is acted upon through the third eye alone, we will find one fed upon spiritual things and become a light that may shine from and in the darkest corner. One fed upon the purely material will become a Frankenstein that is without a concept of any influence other than material or mental.

Such conditions such as (muscular strains) need not be expected to be cured in a day, a week, a month, or a year. It requires seven years for resuscitation, change, or elimination.

Here we find the necessity for care, for excessive, for constantly checking up on the bodily activities…the body-physical alters in its expression continually, and by the end of a cycle of seven years it has entirely replaced that which existed at the beginning of the period seven years ago.Replaced with what? The same old tendencies multiplied, the same old inclinations doubled or eradicated.”

Traditionally, Saturn the great teacher, and more so than the transits of any other planets, transits of Saturn, especially close conjunctions, squares, and oppositions to natal planets, are often experienced are periods wherein we are being taught specific lessons about life. In some cases, this experience prompts people to say such things as: “It were as if Saturn were speaking to me, whispering in my ear, telling me what I have to do in order to outgrow this present condition that is beginning to feel so confining and frustrating.”

Any transit to the outer five planets in close aspect to natal planets can be experienced as getting messages from the living God’s.

The energies of the other planets are experienced more as impulses and as compulsions, whereas Saturn is often experienced as the archetypical teacher whose lessons carry great weight and importance.

Saturn transits influence is always felt as an urge to make things definite and concrete. They often feel like “The Hand of Destiny” is reaching into your life in the house it is tenanting, making things happen and forcing you to face your fears in that area. Facing these things Amy be difficult and may seem quite harsh at times, but it is a necessary step in realization if you are to build a more secure and realistic approach to experience in that area. If you choose to believe in this influence you will begin a much more evident feeling and knowing about true guidance.

Saturn transits also tend to moderate whatever is excessive in ones life, whether excessive pride in some areas of life, excessive activity, excessive attachment, excessive dependency, or even excessive unfounded faith.

Saturn transits

In Quadrant One: (Houses 1, 2 and 3): Saturn reveals our ability to grow in essential being and self-awareness.

In Quadrant Two: (Houses 4, 5 and 6): Saturn reveals our ability to grow in our capacity for understanding and our mode of self-expression.

In Quadrant Three: (Houses 7, 8 and 9): Saturn reveals our ability to grow in our method of functioning with other people and our awareness of others as individuals.

In Quadrant Four: (Houses 10, 11 and 12) Saturn reveals our ability to grow and our capacity for and in the expression of our influence on others or society at large.

When you find the house with Sagittarius on the cusp in YOUR CHART (for some, it begins within the house, this is called intercepted). These are explanations for transiting Saturn passing through the House of your natal Birth Blueprint that has the sign of Sagittarius either on the cusp or in the center.

If you have Sagittarius Rising then the First House begins in Sagittarius: (Natural House of Aries and ruled by Mars).

This transit starts with Saturn passing over your Ascendant/Rising Sign, and is the beginning of a new cycle in your life. In the next 14 years, Saturn will be below the horizon in your chart , you will be focusing more on the discipline and structure of internal concerns in life rather than looking at what’s going on out there with everyone else’s life, yours will be more of an introspective process now.

The 1st House is about You and the body, your personality and identity issues and how you approach things. With Saturn your Teacher/Guide here, you have the opportunity to grow out of what you were and into what you are becoming. If you experience depression at this time possibly lasting 3 years it is definitely a sign that you are not in harmony with your path and need to establish a clearer understanding of your Birth Blueprint and the timing going on in your life. This can also be accompanied by a feeling of being stuck in life with an inability to change. One of the main causes of arthritis is an inability to change so energy calcifies in certain areas of the body rather than being utilized.

Saturn’s job now breaking apart what’s hardened around you that impairs your ability to evolve. My personal perception on this is not that “I am being Karma-fied but rather, my free will got me into this, Saturn will pull me out of this.” At this time you will notice more concentrated thinking of the annoyances and contradictions in your life.

As I have mentioned in earlier articles that our headlights only show us so far down the road, here you can clearly see the view extend into areas beyond normal perceptions. How is this?

Saturn in the first house is in its fallen position making the personality suppressed, cautious, prudent, disciplined, reliable, industrious, calm, serious, reserved, patient, and persevering. One may take on personal responsibilities or duties and be rather fatherly. Personal insecurity may limit self expression, and one may have to overcome many inhibitions.

Saturn in the Second House: (Natural House of Taurus and Ruled by Venus)

Saturn transiting the first house, your identity and self-image were updated, to match who you’re becoming. With Saturn in the second, you will reassess your values and if money, property, possessions or love are in control of you rather than you being in control of them, you will see Saturn YOUR GUIDE uprooting whatever you’re over invested in. If you are not getting a return on your energetic investment whatever it is that is in your way will start to irritate you.

Saturn here is known to bring changes to money and how it flows.

Saturn in the second house is conservative and cautious with values and money. One is usually hard working and ambitious to gain possessions and very careful with them. Debts though have to be paid, and one usually has great respect for wealth and traditional values.

Saturn in the Third House: (Natural House of Gemini and Ruled by Mercury)

After Saturn’s revving up of the self (first house) and change of values (second house), the social and intellectual scenes and daily routines undergo Saturn’s nuts and bolts adjustments. In this 2.5 year period Saturn approaches the six o’clock position of the chart the bottom of the chart and the very depths of your subconscious and what is hidden there. Now your everyday routines, places you hang out and with what people you hang with are going to change. This is the one door closing so another one can open scenario. You’ll dislike being around people who communicate to the old you and do not see what you are becoming as you shed your old skin. You may very well seek answers through the entire spectrum of those that can truly read you.

Once this house has been traversed by you and your Guide Saturn you will look back and see how your daily routines have changed. Hint: don’t take the credit for it yourself or anything else for that matter. Now there’s truth.

Saturn in the third house gives a careful, exacting, conscientious mind based on long study and learning. One is usually reflective, logical, and careful in communicating with a tendency toward procrastination or late development. One may have responsibilities related to school or siblings.

Saturn in the Fourth House: (Natural House of Cancer and Ruled by the Moon)

You will feel driven now to do more at home. Anything with Cancer will have an emotional and psychic aspect to it. Being that Scorpio is about transformation death of the old for the new, in the Cancers natural house, what comforts you will be shaken up possibly even removed. So what usually comforts a person about this house? Parents, a change or loss of. Childhood behaviors? Physical change of the place of home or adding an addition to it or the style in which you live. This house also includes endings; so relationships from the home and even people associated near the home may change or end. One thing you can count on is it will be emotional and you may get forewarned psychically, but all about what is hindering growth. Whatever you hang onto that you are meant to let go of will upset your comfort level further. You’ll learn the meaning of let go or be dragged. It’s a good thing.

Saturn in the fourth house is in detriment making the home environment more traditional or focused around the father. One tends to be conservative and controlled by discipline, responsibilities, tradition, or the past. Patriarchal feelings of authority may shape one’s inner or outer environment.

Saturn in the Fifth House: (Natural House of Leo and Ruled by the Sun)

During Saturn’s transits of the first four houses, you have been redefining and restructuring your inner self. While Saturn is in the 5th house, you give that part of you new form through interaction with others. Saturn here in the House of romance may leave you feeling a bit wanting, while also desiring a deep soul mate type connection. You are looking for more deep and meaning in love, creativity and responsibilities to children and others while also inwardly seeking a blossoming of your soul. Walking away or standing back from these experiences will not bring you the emotional growth /experiences you are being required to learn now. If you’re hearts not in what you’re doing, it starts to feel intolerable. Take heart — this carves a path unfolding to deeper joy in life.

Breaking old cycles and patterns and routines is a great way of igniting some new form of expression. I always turn up the volume on my spiritual practices at this time as that also creates new openings and opportunities. The fifth house is also about pleasure and joy

Saturn in the fifth house is in detriment giving ambition for authority or leadership. One tends to find happiness or entertainment or romance in planned or calculated ways. Creativity is careful and painstaking. One tends to be cautious of risky ventures or gambling which could bring losses.

Saturn in the Sixth House: (House of Virgo and Ruled by Mercury)

Saturn making us look for a strong foundation, Scorpio being very intense and Virgo wanting things to be perfect sounds like 2.5 years of nagging oneself in these areas and never being satisfied with the results. Often times we look at some sort of problem as though we are supposed to find the magic solution to it and be done with it once and for all because we found the outcome. Well as far as I can see the journey to perfection is one of those INFINITE deals of the Universe, there is always further to go and no set outcome. Thinking that you’re done usually means you’re stuck.

No doubt you will find ways to at least become more aware of health, as well as the work that you do and how you could help others. Saturn is really interested in movement and not talk. I always find that an umbrella of let’s call it PROTECTION is over me when I am taking action on certain areas I need to without expecting quantum leaps but understanding that there needs to be forward movement which is awareness so even inch by inch is well done.

The 6th house is about healing so further investigation and putting action into helping others you may find yourself having healing abilities you did not realize you had.

Saturn in the sixth house may give responsibility in work or employment. One tends to be conscientious and cautious in one’s work, critical, and self-examining. Limitations may occur because of health if one is not careful in regard to hygiene and diet. One can be methodical in carrying out experiments and scientific pursuits.

Saturn in the Seventh House: (House of Libra and Ruled by Venus)

Relationships have been under the eye of Saturn during the transit of Saturn through Libra starting in 2009. I had many clients who would swear they were in rock solid relationships but upon seeing Saturn enter Libra (relationships) at this time the message was all relationships need to be equal and ones that are not will go by the wayside and they did.

The Universes grand plan is calling for equality for everyone and you can see it happening, the civil war, equal rights, women get to vote, as well as start to make equal money, and the respect of religious practices other than our own etc.

So with Saturn in the 7th house, natural house of Libra, close relationships and serious partnerships business and live in partners will find both partners seeking equality and in time if they realize this cannot be, will kick its dilemma to the curb. If the relationship has big trust issues it will be the first thrown under the bus. Scorpio here likes the death of the old to see the becoming of the new. So a stagnant relationship no longer stay under the radar as the veil of illusion now seems the density of saran wrap. Try to resolve situations in a win/win manner so the Scorpions stinger does not see you as the bull’s eye.

Saturn in the seventh house is exalted focusing ambition on partnerships or marriage which may bring heavy responsibilities, delays, limits, and obstacles. Yet relationship may be secure and long-lasting though there may be age differences or a late marriage. One tends to be trustworthy and reliable in relationship, or there is hell to pay.

Saturn in the Eighth House: (House of Scorpio and Ruled by Pluto)

After cleaning up relationships in the Seventh, now we seek steady ground in a world where there are many pulls inside the depths of the psyche. We deal head-on with issues of authority and authority figures. Greater responsibility and concern over business affairs, joint finances, and anything you own in common with another are on the itinerary. At the outset, there can be demands from ownership, taxes, or an inheritance. There could be financial enmeshments with others that at first feel unsolvable. Any issues regarding serious partnerships will come into view.

Saturn in the eighth house gives responsibility in the affairs of others. Patience and perseverance may be required in partnerships due to delays, limits, and obstacles. One tends to be serious about sexual matters which may be blocked or inhibited. One is often concerned about death and the after-life and may study carefully psychic, occult, and mystical things.

Saturn in the Ninth House: (Natural House of Sagittarius and Ruled by Jupiter)

The ninth house is the house of higher education and higher mind, philosophy and travel, truth and law. In other words you could say this is the house of voyaging into discovery of the higher self and broader world view.

Jupiter being a fire planet the natural ruler of this house has a reputation for expansion and abundance and making things bigger which can sometimes be associated with over exaggeration or making things too big or too fired up. Saturn here in Scorpio tones the energy down with practicality (Saturn being an Earth sign) so the situation will have a bit of emotion as well (Scorpio also a water sign).

Here you can count on 2.5 years of practical step by step moving forward according to your plans with a rather restless feeling the confines of Saturn holding back the reins on Jupiter energy keeping you more focused. As Saturn approaches the NOON position of the chart it becomes a planet of high focus and in 2.5 years its affects become more easily felt.

As mentioned earlier about that fact that our headlights only show so far down the road think about the fact that you know in 2.5 years Saturn will be in the 10th House career. So isn’t it amazing that before Saturn structures your career it first goes to work on broadening your perspectives for 2.5 years in the ninth house better preparing you for the tenth?

This is the organized life plan and time clock that is uniquely yours and reflected back to you by the Universe so you don’t lose your way. Interesting.

Saturn in the ninth house is intellectual and logical about ideals, principles, religion, philosophy, and world affairs. One’s religion may tend to be traditional, skeptical, pessimistic, rigid, or orthodox though the mind can be profound and authoritative. Travel tends to be carefully planned and often in later years. Higher education and teaching may be important goals.

Saturn in the Tenth House: (Natural House of Capricorn and Ruled by Saturn)

Saturn’s stereotyped image of Mr Karma would say something like now you are going to experience Karma in the career sector. Well since life is pretty much how you perceive it, then believing the former would now manifest as troubles on your job. This may indeed be Saturn speaking to you saying “Just in case you have not noticed, I don’t want you being distracted, so I have eliminated all possibilities right now for you to go out and get a job because the Universe wants you to start thinking about using your own creative talents to develop a career for yourself by yourself. Another possibility is that Saturn closes a lot of back doors so you can see the only way is up, to a higher position in whatever you are doing or a rise in status.

Saturn in the tenth house is dignified giving responsibility in the world, career, authority, and honor. One likes to apply wisdom in practice, using people and resources to realize one’s goals and ambitions. Attainments tend to come after a long life of persevering effort. One usually has business and political acuity with the ability to plan things and carry them out.

Saturn in the Eleventh House: (Natural House of Aquarius and Ruled by Uranus)

The eleventh house is about Groups, organizations, friends, acquaintances, hopes and wishes and working for a higher purpose within these different areas of life. Keep in mind we are coming around to the end of the wheel or cycle so anything needing finishing up that is unresolved will show up in these areas with people from different situations. A possible karmic opportunity for resolving a lot on many levels.

At the beginning of this transit, it becomes clear that some of your associations may not be what’s best for you now. Scorpio loves bringing things to closure, so people may come and go with the things and situations associated with this sector. I believe that the universe takes the opportunity at this time to gather in groups some of the people we need to reconnect with for however long it takes to finish up the energetics involved.

Saturn in the eleventh house is dignified giving responsibility and concern for social and group goals and efforts. One may be involved in collective organizations and networks. One tends to make friends cautiously, but they are usually trustworthy and long-lasting with many older friends or age differences. One likes to set objectives and work for social improvements.

Saturn in the Twelfth House: (House of Pisces and Ruled by Neptune)

This is a completion transit, to prepare you for a whole new 28 year Saturn cycle. So things like addictions and stuffed feelings and unresolved issues will surface from the depths of the sub conscious like Moby Dick coming up for air. To prepare you for further cycle of growth and evolution your vision and perceptions need to be cleared out. Sometimes called the house of endings, due to the fact that this is a closure/completion 2.5 year cycle.

Illusions will be addressed and perceptions rewired. Pisces ruling the 12th and being a water sign, emotional experiences will be cutting deep into your very being.

As Kahlil Gibran said “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.”

So life always harbors contradictions, and your greatest opportunities may arrive at this time. Here Saturn makes you look back, to forgive, and experience release from soul enmeshment’s. You experience miracles, as you begin to see with this kind of mystical clarity. Definitely a metaphysical house and Scorpios transformation and regeneration will come very much into play here. Your illusions held by Neptune will be dissolved and turned towards more clarity or clairvoyance.

Saturn in the twelfth house is reserved, solitary, and usually involved in deep contemplation, working secretly or unobserved, and living peacefully or alone. One may have sorrows and many disappointments from secret or hidden enemies. Delays, limits, troubles, or responsibilities may come from social institutions of confinement such as jails, prisons, hospitals, or places of retreat.



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