There are different types of Soulmates

Karmic Mates

  • Karmic soul mates come together specifically for teaching or working out specific issues. They may be a soul with whom we have unfinished business or a shared trauma or need.

  • Karmic relationships can come to us as friends and family or enemies and oppressors or even as people just passing through. How they seem is less important than why they appear. They are a lot of times difficult or challenging, but they don’t have to be. Usually, when a relationship is not smooth and knit picky, it’s because we are ignoring or refusing to acknowledge something in ourselves that we need another person to mirror that to us..

So what is it? We get so wrapped up in teenage like emotions we cannot imagine the Universe is bringing this to us as a lesson. “Oh no the Universe cannot possibly be that smart”?????

  • When we recognize and accept that a relationship may not be what we think, we can move the relationship into a more pleasant agreement to or simply release it or build a life that is for the better of your two souls. There may sometimes be feelings very difficult to deal with, but we can be adult about it and grow thru those feelings and possibly continue some sort of minor relationship that continues. Have you ever had one of those relationships that just clicked only to have the relationship end negatively?  Maybe you keep having the same “bad” relationship over and over. That’s a clue of a crucial lesson your soul needs and wants to learn. You will keep attracting that lesson, possibly in the form of many similar relationships, until it is understood. Welcoming the lesson from the Universe will help complete that healing and give you a more full view enabling you to move forward with it consciously

  • Not all karmic relationships are cryptically unpleasant. It can be possible to just be there to learn something easily and joyfully. The main point of karmic relationships is that they are magnetically and sort of mystically (how true) pulled together and when that purpose (teaching, lesson learning) is finished so is the relationship. But it really makes NO SENSE to end it with hate or negative emotions or that becomes a Karmic pattern.

  • Karmic Soulmates do not usually make good romantic partners, even though the attraction may be sexually stimulating and strong. If we understand why they have appeared, we can appreciate them for what they are and not expect something more from them that is supposed to complete us totally.

        Ego Mates

  • Ego Mates come into our lives when we are still overly concerned with how we look at others how we seem to them and what they think of us. Sometimes categorized as a sub-type of karmic relationship. Energy attracts energy and if you are not a very humble person you will have experiences to humble you. Navigating thru them is a part of our soul’s evolution, where we just allow them to be who they are and we be neutral about the ego or arrogance. Being neutral may be just thinking yea they are a powerful person that is still discovering themselves. Use of the word ego or arrogant is negative.

  • Ego Mates can be concerned with whether the other person makes them “look” good or not. Do they do the right things, behave the way YOU WANT them to, do they go to the right places, hang out with the right people, and wear the right clothes produce the image YOU WANT. Do they have the right career? (or do just luv them for who they are?) Ego mates are easily embarrassed when their mate doesn’t live up to their expectations even in minor ways making these relationships are conditional, fragile, and ultimately unsatisfying leaving on feel used. But in order to get ego and vanity into a more healthy condition, they will keep coming. Ego mates are more apt to be cheaters as well, always looking for the perfect person to control and manipulate.


  • Companion Soulmate relationships can be long term, sometimes lasting a lifetime. They are characterized by being mutually respectful, affectionate, intimate, committed, honest, safe, and loving. All conscious qualities of emotionally balanced adults that realize life can be done better together. The key word is “mutual compromise” and the focus on that in times of difficulty, hardship, or conflict create working things out through communication and respect and not nit picking and blaming, which has no positive qualities… The natural hills and valleys of relationship issues are not ignored, but they have an agreement to navigate thru them together. Both are willing to put energy and effort into the relationship as needed to nurture a healthy loving trust in each other.

  • Despite the picture painted by faerie tales and movies, companion mates don’t always start with intense emotional or physical passion, which I say is a big red flag sign, many feel a clear sense of recognition when meeting. That feeling of knowing a person you have not yet met in this life is a sure sign of knowing them in a earlier life to come together to complete something. The love goes deeper than infatuation and may blossom over time into the higher octave of love.  Unlike Karmic Mates and Ego Mates, they don’t feel threatened by sometimes having fleeting moments of high or low passion. There is on sexual control and manipulation, just mutual respect about the way one feels at the time. These companion mates tend to feel steady and stable even in troubled circumstances.

  • It is also possible for companion mates to grow apart as each follows their own person path. In that case, true companions will allow the partners to lovingly go their separate ways, often remaining friends despite the ending of the close relationship.

Twin Flames or Twin Souls

  • Your Twin Flame, sometimes called your TWIN SOUL is literally the other half of your soul. When souls were originally created, they contained both male and female attributes. At some point, each soul was split into male and female twins, each whole in and of themselves, going forth separately to gather human experience and individually balance their internal male and female aspects and then come together. When you meet your twin flame, you will likely feel a profound sense of coming home, as if you have found yourself only with something additional that is “better.”

  • Though Twin Flame relationships resemble Companion Soulmate relationships, they have additional specific attributes. The partners recognize each other as equals and co-creators and treat each other accordingly. They share complementary, compatible life goals and their spiritual natures are in sync. The level of comfort they feel with each other is a reflection of the shared sense of homecoming, safety and a knowing that things are just right and to use that time for that. They create a finely tuned safe zone through their mutual support and encouragement of each other. Always assisting each other to climb rather than judging or putting down. They respect each other and believe in the value that each individual has while clearly seeing their strength as a couple together. They have learned, or almost completed the lessons from their past, and are now open to receive unconditional love. They feel a peaceful, joyful love that is not rooted in infatuation or illusion.

  • Unlike other types of soulmates, Twin Flames do not usually share multiple lives. Instead, they incarnate together when both are nearly ready to “graduate.” Or complete the wheel of karma. Up until that point, they may take turns being human with one remaining in the spirit realm to guide, guard, and assist the partner.  When they finally incarnate together, one may exhibit channeling capabilities, or other advanced talents for maintaining that direct connection to the spirit realm for the benefit of growth for both.

  • Twin Flames often feel a mission to do a joint spiritual work, that is altruistic and benefit humanity. This is really a rare couple that can is called to do direct spiritual work, humanitarian work, or simply making the sensibility of spiritual work to whatever work they happen to be doing so it’s more understandable to the common person. They take the mystery out of things and make them easily understood.

  • Anything that still may need healing in either Twin Soul will come up, but there is an underlying sense that they can and will transform any issue together which gives each the security, clarity, and strength to tackle these last lessons with confidence. It is safe for each to go into their dark corners and address whatever is lurking, and through that safety, the light will spread throughout both.

Each type of soul mate relationship is essential for final healing. Respecting them for the unique roles they play helps avoid the sense of victimhood that can arise with healing experiences. Because no matter how “bad” things may appear in a human condition or problem or challenge, it is all happening for the benefit of our soul.

The Cinderella Syndrome

The worst perception taught in this country about relationships. Cinderella Syndrome or Cinderella complex is a psychological state of mind. It is used to describe girls who are treated like princesses and grow up to feel they will always have their needs and wishes met, that someone will always take care of them without taking responsibility for themselves. Their knight in shining armor will show up and wisk them away to house with a white picket fence when they live happily ever after experiencing no issues.
Cinderella complex is addressed by teaching women that they have options, by helping them learn self-respect.

I have had a lot of readings where the person says “when will I meet my knight in shining armor”? I force myself to say “hay this is not the 1500’s and I have seen no Knights on white horses lately!”

Then I say how I believe the best relationships are built and the red flag relationships have the huge magnetic pull that says this is the one!

I think we as a race think we are smart, but we really are just learning to deal with our emotions and the hardest thing for us is to truly learn to express those emotions to another person!




One comment on “SOUL MATES
  1. Lauren says:

    I really liked reading this and found it quite interesting. It makes me curious of the people I hold close in my life right now. Recently, I had a break up with my bf of 3 years. Of course like I’m sure most relationships are, we started out great(the honeymoon stage). Then as things got more serious between us, we had moments where all we’d do was argue about the most insignificant things. Towards the end things just got rockier, but the attraction is still there and still just as strong. When we met we both felt like we knew each other before. There was a sense of familiarity and we felt very comfortable with each other. Well, the break up only just happened a couple weeks ago, but we’ve both decided to stay friends. I still love him and he says he still loves me too. I’m hoping things work out where we just try again. I feel like we have some kind of past life connection or something. Seems like I just can’t let go.

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