uranus square pluto

This aspect is affecting us into 2015. Here are the dates when the energy is most powerful, but otherwise it is still nagging us.

April 12-29, 2014 November 26-December 27, 2014

March 11-28, 2015

The positive side of this Uranus Square Pluto aspect is Higher Consciousness. Uranus is the upper octave of Mercury (the mental processes) and Pluto is always about Transformation.

The square aspect which is 90 degrees, is there to cause friction. If we do not willingly let go of what no longer serves us, then Pluto with uproot what is in the depths of our minds that which we are holding onto. Kind of a “LET GO OR BE DRAGGED” experience.

The negative side of this is when we do not pay attention to what our inner senses are telling us. Then our Higher Self decides that it HAS to get our attention.

So, something gets arranged that will attract our attention, and at that time we will say why me? So if we are still asleep it will affect us in what we will see as a negative way.

The alternative is to say “I am grateful for this because it is a wake up call and now I see.

DRIVE CAREFULLY ALWAYS but be extra careful on the above dates.

If the negative aspect is going on, being (self-destructive) this could mean you think your changing, don’t do anything to begin change and the same ole, same ole freaks show up again saying they have changed and want to come back but they didn’t do anything either…round 4…. ding!

Since Uranus is also about liberation and Pluto’s’ negative energy is about control freaks, if they are showing up in your life, since energy attracts energy, it is a sign that work needs to be done.

Pluto symbolizes a time of deep change and transformation and if you resist, the lesson is let go of old patterns or be dragged and in no subtle way.

If you’re in a relationship it could be new growth or change in the relationship as in not growth, but upheaval.

Also do not be impulsive with spending or making big decisions that could be risky, a lightning strike of Uranian energy could empty your pockets.

So if you like visuals, Pluto is associated with the atomic bomb, mix with Uranus a little lightning energy and what do you get if you’re impulsive? Obsessions, impulsiveness and accidents.

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There have been many passions in my life that have interested me in a major way where I have been relentless at trying to prove a point. I have never been short on having the ability to work at something that I wanted to be good at. I was unstoppable with working Astrology, mostly because it taught me more about me than any other modality I tried, in getting to know the complexities of a human being. Any person that really looks into Astrology will be amazed at how organized the Universe truly is.

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